Big Brother 25 Pressure Cooker Live Recap

Big Brother 25 Pressure Cooker

The Big Brother 6 Pressure Cooker has become a staple in Big Brother history. Fans often talk about it as a defining moment in the show’s 20+ history. They either witnessed the event firsthand or heard about it secondhand as a sort of folktale passed down from Big Brother fan to Big Brother fan. The Pressure Cooker competition is a major deal.

It’s something that fans have yearned for years. Every season fans have speculated that this would be the year that it returns. Each year, they have been wrong. However, last week during the eviction episode, host Julie Chen-Moonves announced that the Pressure Cooker would make its much-needed and wanted return.

Now nearly 20 years later, a new generation, or loyal superfans/lifetime fans get to witness a new Pressure Cooker. Everyone watching tonight’s version of the Pressure Cooker will come into it with the hope that we get to witness one as legendary as the first, which lasted 14 hours. The Big Brother 6 version is the longest competition in Big Brother US history.

Big Brother 25 fans can only hope that we get at least five hours of the pressure cooker. Whether it lasts five minutes or fifty hours, we will be live blogging the entire event (as long as we can stay up as long as it lasts). 

Let’s dive into all the Big Brother 25 pressure cooker madness. Obviously, because this will be a live recap, it will include spoilers, including who won this week’s Head of Household competition.



The houseguests spend the first few minutes just trying to entertain themselves with stories, songs, and guessing what Big Brother might throw into the competition.

By the hour mark, everyone was still in the competition.

About a little before an hour an half, the feeds went down for awhile. When they returned, Cirie and Jared had been eliminated for the competition. They couldn’t leave the room until a third person was eliminated.

Snakes were brought into the competition and that’s likely what got Cirie out. She had mentioned that if any live things were brought into the game, she would be out.

Cold blasts are also introduced into the game to make it harder. The lights continue to go off and on with various houseguests taking advantage of the dark. Izzy uses it to dance to herself, and Jared and Cirie use it to cuddle to keep warm.

After nearly four hours into the competition, Izzy accidentally removes her finger and is out of the competition. This makes her the third out and allows Cirie, Jared, and Izzy to leave the competition room.

Big Brother then plays music as a form of torture for the houseguests.

Once inside the house, Jared, Izzy, Felicia, and Cirie start to get paranoid that they are about to target Jared.

The card’s brought in the beer, snake, and music. Six hours into it, nine people were still into the competition. Meanwhile, inside the house, Izzy, Felicia, and Cirie enjoyed gossiping and dissing some of their fellow houseguests.

Nearly nine hours into it, Bowie got out of the competition. By 5:30 am, Matt and Red are eliminated. This elimination allows all three to enter the house. The remaining six are Jag, Cory, America, Blue, Cameron, and Mecole.

Red’s envelope got him an entertainment system and a year’s subscription of Paramount Plus. Bowie won a pressure cooker and Matt released some flies into the game. After 12 hours, Cory was eliminated. As they edged closer to the 13 hour mark, Blue was eliminated. This took it to the final four of America, Jag, Cameron, and Mecole. Jag is also eliminated soon after Blue. One of the eliminated houseguests brought pumping sewer smell into the comp area.

Four minutes short of breaking the record, America accidentally moves her fingers. Cameron wins the Head of Household.

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