Celebrity Big Brother 2 Spoilers: Week 3.5 Head of Household Results (2/05/19)

The Celebrity Big Brother finale happens on February 13th, only a little over a week away. These houseguests have no time to play it safe. It’s time to go all out if they want to win the title of Celebrity Big Brother 2 champion.

Some players may be safer than others, but it’s not the time to be safe. It’s the time to build his resume. Lolo Jones, Natalie Eva Marie, and Ricky Williams have made it thus far without hitting the block. Players have discussed targeting that trio, but they managed to remain safe for the past 19 days. Day 20, their good fortune might come to an end.

A lot of the Celebrity Big Brother houseguests have spoke about just going after  Tom Green now that he’s the only one left between the Kato Kaelin and him. However, once someone detached from their game partner, they usually look less threatening, especially when a strong three person alliance is just sitting there ready for the taking.

Ricky and Eva Marie are playing fairly good games, but they’re attached to Lolo, so despite their games, they can’t go without being seen as a juicy target. One of those three may need this Head of Household more than anyone else.



Feeds went down late last night. When they returned around 4:30 a m EST, Tom Green was the winner. He pulled out a victory when he needed it. Two members of the trio will at least see the block. Omarosa apparently hosted the HoH comp.

Are you happy with this outcome?

Celebrity Big Brother Two

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