Celebrity Big Brother 2 Week 3 Power of Veto Competition and Ceremony Results (2/4/19)

Celebrity Big Brother 2 only has nine days left. It’s already been on an accelerated speed, but things are only going to increase from here on out.

Tonight, we had a jam packed episode with a recap of what happened during the Head of Household competition, a live Power of Veto Competition and Ceremony, and another eviction. With everything in the fast lane, no wonder why so many Celebrity Big Brother 2 houseguests are losing it.

At the start of this Celebrity Big Brother 2 episode, Tom Green and Kato Kaelin were on the block. One of them would be evicted, no matter what. At least that’s what both assumed and what Head of Household Tamar Braxton wanted most of the week.

To keep both of their games with a possibility of survival, Tom or Kato needed to win this Veto. Anyone else would have kept nominations the same, and Team Fun, Team Tomato would be split up for good.

So did one of them pull it off? Read below to find out.



Lolo Jones won the Power of Veto. Nominations will stay the same. Either Tom or Kato will be going home.

Celebrity Big Brother Two

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