Who Won Head of Household on Big Brother Last Night? 09/13/18

Brett Robinson has worried about being on the bottom of his alliance for a few weeks. However, instead of switching sides when he had a chance, he stayed loyal to Level 6. Now Level 6 is finally ready to cut ties with Brett. The only person who probably wouldn’t target him tonight is JC Mounduix.

Big Brother 20 Week 12 HOH

Angela Rummans has to be the most hated person by the current Big Brother 20 jury member. She should be brought to the end to guarantee anyone a victory. However, JC and Brett want her out to weaken the Kaycee Clark and Angela duo. JC and Brett also don’t like her influence over Tyler Crispen.

JC and Sam Bledsoe were the players who were originally going to be the targets this week. Now, Level 6 sees the danger of keeping all of them in the game right now. So if any member of Level 6 wins the Head of Household competition, it could be an exciting exit and remaining episode.

So who won the Big Brother 20 Head of Household competition?



The Head of Household competition involved watching video clips and remembering details about them. They then had to rewatch those videos in the HOH comp, and pick between A or B. The player with the most points after seven rounds wins HOH.

Round #1- Sam and Tyler get a point.

Round #2- JC gets a point.

Round #3-Tyler and Brett get a point.

Round #4-Everyone but Angela gets a point.

Round #5-Everyone but JC gets a point.

Round #6-Everyone gets a point.

Round #7-Angela, Tyler, and Sam get a point.

Tyler Crispen has the most points with six. He becomes the new Head of Household.

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