Big Brother 20 Spoilers: Week 12 Power of Veto Comp and Ceremony Results (09/13/18)

Haleigh Broucher left the Big Brother 20 house earlier tonight, now another houseguest will follow. Haleigh knew her Big Brother game was on the line, and she really needed a Veto win. Unfortunately, she couldn’t win it, and that helped bring her game to an end. Every player tonight doesn’t want to have the same fate as her.

Big Brother 20 Week 12 Power of Veto

It’s do or die with this Double Eviction Power of Veto. Every houseguest should be giving it their all to win it, because anything can happen tonight. Anxiety will be running high for more than one player, as the Veto winner could completely shake up the plan for eviction. Luckily, there is only six players left in the game, so everyone can play and win this Veto. Who will actually pull off the win?

Usually, the Power of Veto competition during a Double Eviction is either a physical quick one (like finding a certain object) or some form of puzzle (getting the ball down a maze and into a hole). Since we have a similar Head of Household competition last week, we expected this competition to involve finding something instead of a maze or puzzle.



The Power of Veto competition was a combo of a puzzle and ball roll. They had to figure out how to get their ball rolled down a lane and hit walls while it did it.

After a few minutes, Angela Rummans won the Power of Veto.

Big Brother 20 Week 12 Power of Veto

She then used the Veto to remove JC from the block. Brett went up as the replacement nominee. Either Brett or Sam will go home.

Big Brother 20 Week 12 Power of Veto

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