Celebrity Big Brother Recap: (2/21/18) New HOH and Eviction Nominees

After the last episode left Head of Household (HOH) Omarosa with no choice but to get onboard with sending Metta World Peace a sympathy vote, Celebrity Big Brother fans are hoping for some action.  With only a short few days left inside the Big Brother house, the time has come to play this game and play hard if the remaining houseguests hope to win.  Kick back and relax, and let hope for some Big Brother drama that we all know and love so much.

Before Metta’s pity vote to go home, Ross Mathews was on the block for eviction and Omarosa’s clear target to go home. A few hours prior to Ross winning the Power of Veto (POV) to save his game, he convinced Marissa Jaret Winokur to make a final four pact with James Maslow and Mark McGrath.  His argument was that they would be less emotional to battle in the end over Brandi Glanville and Ariadna Gutiérrez.  Marissa agreed and the new Big Brother alliance, Roomie Squad, was born.

Ross is skirting a fine line by playing secretly with 2 different pairs in the Big Brother house at the same time.  He has Mark and James on one side and Ari and Brandi on the other.  Marissa is playing the same devilish game by having deals with the “boys” alliance and also with Brandi and Ari.  At some point very soon in the game, Ross and Marissa will have to draw a line in the sand on where they stand in the game and who’s side they will fall on.

The most important HOH competition to date is about to begin and is called Red Carpet Ride.  There will be 2 heats competing with 3 houseguests competing in each heat to record a time.  The top three times from both heats will square-off against each other in a final round.  The winner of the final round will win the coveted HOH.

The first heat included all the girls against one another trying to cross a very wobbly Celebrity Big Brother red carpet.  Brandi finished first with Marissa and Ari finishing behind her respectively.  During the boy’s heat, Mark finished first followed by James and Ross, respectively.

The final heat consisted of the 3 fastest times which were Mark, James, and Brandi, and Mark finished in the fastest time winning the HOH competition.  Mark won only because James threw the competition to Mark.  James did this so he would be eligible to compete in the next HOH competition, whereas the winner of this HOH would be exempt.  James is no fool when it comes to the game of Big Brother.

HOH Mark shared with Omarosa that he plans to nominate Brandi and Ari to the block for eviction.  Ross is dead-set on getting Omarosa evicted and tried to convince Mark to target Omarosa.  Marissa is on the same band wagon with trying to convince Mark to go after Omarosa for eviction.

At the nomination ceremony, HOH Mark decided to nominate Brandi and Ari for eviction.  A POV win is needed by Brandi or Ari to save themselves from eviction.  In addition, we can look forward to a double eviction night as we get closer to the Celebrity Big Brother final this Sunday night  Stay tuned.


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