Who Won Power of Veto On Celebrity Big Brother Week 3.5? 02/21/18

Right now, the Celebrity Big Brother week seems straightforward: a Brandi Glanville eviction. At least that’s what new Head of Household Mark McGrath hopes. But as every Big Brother fan and player knows, a Veto win can completely change the game.

Celebrity Big Brother Power of Veto

Once again, we witnessed this on Monday’s live Celebrity Big Brother eviction. Ross Mathews was set to leave the game, but the VIP veto saved him. Now Ross has gone from one foot out the door to most likely to win the game.

Brandi or her number one ally, Ariadna Gutierrez are hoping for a similar fate. If one of them win today’s Power of Veto competition, the game could completely flip. James Maslow and Mark really want Brandi gone, and Ariadna is just a target as sort of collateral damage.

If Brandi wins POV, the men could decide to spare Ari, and set their target on someone else, which would most likely be Omarosa. Prior to the Live Feeds going down, the Celebrity Big Brother houseguests were putting on athletic gear, which most likely means the POV would be an endurance competition.

So we knew it would be a long wait before we saw who won this week’s Celebrity Big Brother Power of Veto competition.



Ariadna Gutierrz won this week’s Power of Veto. This means Ari will come down, and Omarosa will likely go up. This could flip the vote against Omarosa. It also sounds like it was the Face Morphing competition.

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