Big Brother 18 All Stars Rumors Heat Up!

Could a Big Brother 18 All Stars season be on the way ? There certainly is some evidence floating around at there that Big Brother 2016 may involve veteran players in some way. Will we finally get the true All Stars season many fans have been anticipating for years? Or will this just be another disappointing mish-mash of veterans and newbies like Big Brother 13?

Will Big Brother 2016 finally be an All Stars season? (CBS)

Back in April, former Big Brother cast member Evel Dick Donato teased everyone by saying he’d been called to participate in an All Stars season. That turned out to just be an April Fool’s joke. Or, maybe Evel Dick was playing a joke within a joke and actually giving us a real tease about the upcoming Big Brother 18 season? After all, he’s not the only former cast member who has been giving out clues that veterans may be returning for 2016 in some way or another.

Former Big Brother winner Andy Herren came right out on Twitter and said that BB18 will indeed have returnees, although he said it would be a mixed season, and not All Stars.

Of course, Andy notoriously likes to screw with people on social media, so you really can’t trust anything he says. However, he’s not the only one talking about veterans coming back to the show this season. Former Houseguest Austin Matelson also reportedly said something about cast members coming back, according to Fan favorite contestant Janelle Pierzina took to twitter openly to proclaim her belief that not only would veterans be returning, but Big Brother 18 would indeed be an All Stars season.

What other evidence might we have that if there is smoke, there might be fire for this whole All Stars thing? Well, it seems to us that the Big Brother casting rounds were a bit less than usual this year, and promoting for people to apply for the new season was rather subdued. This could be a hint that some or even all of the cast had already been pre-selected. Or it could mean absolutely nothing at all.

For now, it’s still a big guessing game. Personally if I were casting Big Brother and was pretty confident the show would last until at least season 20, I’d wait until then for an All Stars season. A 20th anniversary All Stars edition of Big Brother sounds pretty damn cool to me!

What are your thoughts on a Big Brother 18 All Stars season? Sound like an awesome idea to you? Or would you rather they keep it to all newbies again this year?

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