Big Brother 20 Spoilers: Live Feeds Day 44 Highlights: The Hive Turns on Rockstar

The Big Brother 20 alliance known as the Hive found themselves yet again on the wrong side of the votes. Instead of communicating to figure out what really happened, The Hive members trusted other players to tell them lies. Specifically, JC Mounduix made sure to stay close to Faysal Shafaat to feed him lies about Angie “Rockstar” Lantry being the flipped vote.By the end of that Big Brother 2018 night, Faysal, Haleigh Broucher, and Bayleigh Dayton became convinced that Rockstar betrayed them.

Big Brother 20-Angie "Rockstar" Lantry

Meanwhile, Level 6 couldn’t believe their luck. Brett Robinson even revealed that Bayleigh told him that only Faysal and Rachel Swindler knew about her power app. This hurt Faysal’s game because he was trying to fake ignorance. He kept telling anyone who asked that he didn’t know Bayleigh had the power. Bayleigh also didn’t take the time to explain to Haleigh, Scottie Salton, and Rockstar about her power and why she didn’t tell them, at least she didn’t do that before the day officially ended at midnight. Among all the chaos, new Head of Household Angela Rummans tried to figure out what to do with her nominations.

It was a dramatic night for the Hive with Bayleigh confronting Rockstar about the group’s suspicions that she was in a secret alliance with Brett. Rockstar tried everything that she could  to convince Bayleigh and the group that she had nothing but hatred for Brett. They didn’t seem convince. They also believed that if Rockstar really didn’t flip her vote, then only Scottie could be the other suspect, except you know JC exists and all.

Tyler Crispen told several people his elaborate lie about Rachel throwing his name under the bus, and why he flipped his vote to evict her. Angela also told multiple people about her goodbye speech to Rachel.

Big Brother 20

A major topic of discussion was the Big Brother 20 Hacker twist. The twist is a new competition that starts this week. It’ll be played every Friday after the nominations. Like the Big Brother 18 Roadkill, each week, it’ll be an individual timed competition, with only the winner knowing that he or she won.

The winner then has the option to share their win details or keep it a secret. The winner then has the option to remove a player from the block, or keep noms the same. They also have the options to pick a Veto player and nulify a vote, or they can choose to do nothing with the power.

Big Brother 20-JC Mounduix

Sam Bledsoe wanted to cause less drama in the house by getting everyone to agree to throw the Hacker competition to her. She held a house meeting and wanted to put the decision to a vote. Of course, no one agreed to any of that, so Sam dropped her suggestion.

The new Hacker twist, Bayleigh’s App power, and Veto really made things complicated for Angela this week. Originally, she wanted to nominate Faysal and Rocktar, with the plan to backdoor and evict Scottie. Then after a discussion with Tyler and JC, she decided it was best not to piss off Scottie, Bayleigh, or Faysal.

Big Brother 20 Head of Household Angela Rummans

She didn’t want Bayleigh worrying and using her Power App to save Faysal and herself. She didn’t want Scottie winning it and going after her next week. So Angela eventually concluded that her best option was to nominate Scottie and Rockstar.

She would encourage Scottie to win either the Veto or the Hacker competition, and then she would backdoor Bayleigh. This way Bayleigh and her power would be gone this week, and couldn’t haunt her in the future.

Around midnight, Angela got her HOH room and could resume her private meetings, which she started in the have-not room following her victory.

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