The Best Moments of Big Brother 20

Despite quite a few boring weeks of Big Brother 20, this season still ranks high on our list of favorites, because the first nine weeks had non-stop madness. Everything from Kaitlyn Herman nominating and evicting Christopher “Swaggy C” Williams to blindside after blindside. The season kept getting more wacky, fun, and thrilling…then it hit a major slump. However, we’ll always have the memories.

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In honor of tonight’s Big Brother 20 memory lane episode, we picked eight of our favorite Big Brother 20 moments (in no particular order) and explained how they made the season so amazing.

Sam’s House Meeting

Big Brother 20 JC Mounduix, Faysal Shafaat, Brett Robinson

Sam Bledsoe decided that the Big Brother Hacker competition would cause more drama than it was worth. Her solution, make her the hacker. First everyone went from confusion to playing along. As the group tried to organize a way to vote to make Sam the hacker or not, others were planning to rig the competition, but we’re sure it would have been one of the few unanimous votes of the season, in favor of a no deal.

This moment was a favorite because the ridiculousness of the suggestion summed up Big Brother 20: unexpected, wacky, and hilarious. The houseguests reactions before, during, and after also gave this moment character. It was one of the few times the Hive and Level 6 could agree on something.

Brett’s First “Epic” Speech

Big Brother 20 Angie Rockstar Lantry

Brett Robinson was up for eviction for the first time. He had remained basically calm all week because he knew Level 6 was keeping him over Winston Hines. Then eviction night happened, and Brett went rogue during his live eviction speech. He lied to everyone claiming Angie “Rockstar” Lantry told him that she was flipping votes to evict Winston instead and would pin it on Kaitlyn.

Rockstar chewed him out during the live show, and it continued well into the night on the live feeds. She even tried to annoy Brett on a level beyond her own abilities by impersonating Josh Martinez with the pots and pans skit from last season, and Evel Dick Donato from Big Brother 8. Rockstar’s attempt led to a catchy song, “Brett’s My Friend (Mico-Penis),” but it didn’t help her game. It was a memorable moment because it amplified the season long Rockstar vs Brett feud, and it helped create the legacy of Brett as such a memorable character this season.

The Hacker Meeting

Big Brother 20 Bayleigh Dayton

Angela Rummans and Tyler tried to use Bayleigh Dayton being the hacker as an excuse for nominating her. Haleigh Broucher, the real hacker that week, felt terrible and guilty, so she called a meeting to confess. No one expected the chaos to ensue.

Bayleigh became so unhinged that she bit her own lip/cheek causing it to bleed…all the while unbeknownst to the queen herself. For a season with so many twists, turns, and blindsides, most of the players remained cool throughout. So this was the one and only real fight of the season. Bayleigh and Tyler continued to argue, though more her than him while everyone watched wishing they had popcorn. This wasn’t just a great TV moment, but it kind of set the stage for the final half of the season. Due to this meeting and the hacker nominating Tyler, Angela and him got really close and fell in love. Once Bay was gone, the Hive couldn’t get it together enough, and then got evicted one after another until they were all gone from the game. It was a comedy of tragedies.

Faysal Uses Veto to Save Haleigh

Big Brother 20 Haleigh and Faysal

This was Faysal Shafaat‘s big moment to shine. He was torn between two women, both who liked him, and both he sort-of liked, just one more than the other. Kaitlyn was sure Faysal would save her, but he really planned to save Haleigh. Kaitlyn cried so much that week and continued to pressure Faysal but nothing worked. In the end, he saved Haleigh.

This moment pushed Haleigh and him closer, and led to the end of Kaityln. It was a great moment because it was a drama filled week with Faysal in turmoil up until the end. Then we got the epic conclusion to Kaitlyn’s game.

A Six-Piece Puzzle of Destruction

Big Brother 20 Kaitlyn Herman

When we heard that there would be a twist that “might save” one of the players, we knew it would be something so simple that no one could fail it, right? Wrong. Kaitlyn had just been evicted from the Big Brother 20 house. She had to solve a puzzle for her game life. It was only six pieces and she had nearly three minutes to solve it. Everyone watched in agony as Kaitlyn totally screwed it up.

This moment was amazing because it was high intensity drama and ridiculousness. No one thought Kaitlyn would leave the house that week, so it truly lived up to the “expect the unexpected” phrase.

Tyler’s “I Love You” Speech

Big Brother 20-Tyler and Angela

Tyler and Angela were on the block together and Kaycee Clark had to cast the final vote to evict. Angela and Tyler both knew this would be their last moments in the house together. Angela, Kaycee, and Tyler all gave three long, rambling speeches. During Tyler’s speech, he said that anyone would be crazy not to be madly in love with her. It was his sly way of telling her he loved her on national TV.

This moment was great because whether you despise or love Tangela, it was a truly genuine moment between the two, and a sickly sweet moment that any hater of TV love would detest, but a shipper would love.

“We’re the Worst Big Brother players ever”/the Hive Reunion

Big Brother 20 Jury Battle Back-3

Faysal and Haleigh went over the past four weeks of bad moves that ended with the Hive being evicted four straight weeks in a row, without getting out any member of the other side out was classic Foutte/Hive. They knew they were idiots but playfully argued over who was more of an idiot. It reminded us just how lovable that side of the house was, even if they were terrible at the game.

We were reminded even more with the Hive reunited for the Battle Back, and Faysal made sure to apologize and hug Scottie Salton before trying to win a spot back into the game. Someone said it best when they said the Hive/Foutte might be idiots, but they’re our idiots.

Alumni Return for a Special Engagement

Big Brother 20-Britney Haynes

Nicole Franzel and Victor Arroyo reentered the Big Brother house, so that Victor could propose to her. To help celebrate, a few alumni also reentered the house. Paul Abrahamian, Josh, Derrick Levasseur, Britney Haynes, and Dani Donato-Briones all came to help with the celebration.

This was a great moment because we got to see some of our favorites from the 20 seasons return to share this special moment. It also reminded us of how making it to 20 seasons is such a major milestone for the show.

Let us know in the comment section what were your favorite moments from Big Brother 20. Did we miss anyone?

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