Big Brother 20 Episode 39 Episode Recap: Final HOH Round 1

We have finally hit the last week inside the Big Brother 20 house with just 3 remaining houseguests, Tyler Crispens, JC Moundiux, and Kaycee Clark.  The remaining houseguests have one more Head of Household competition that is held in three separate stages, the first of which will be shown in tonight’s episode.  This is the most important HOH of the season and will ultimately dictate who will win their right into the finale, and, possibly more importantly, who they will take into the finale with them.

Big Brother 20

Tonight’s episode will show the aftermath of Angela Rumman’s eviction during the last episode.  After Kaycee won her 5th Power of Veto competition in a row, she chose to keep her ride or die, Tyler, in the game with her.  Tyler may have some explaining to do with Angela as Julie Chen revealed to her that Tyler and Kaycee has a final 2 agreement sealed before Level 6 alliance was even formed.

Final 3

Tyler is more than stoked that he has made it 93 days in the Big Brother house.  Kaycee hated that she had to be the one to vote out Angela, but it was all part of her plan to get to final 2 with Tyler.  Tyler and Kaycee begin their talks about plans for the 3 round HOH competition.  Tyler is in quite a little predicament though as he has a final 2 agreement with Kaycee and JC.

The final HOH of the season is always competed in 3 separate rounds.  The first round includes all 3 houseguests, and the winner of this round wins a one-way ticket to the final round against the round 2 winner.  Therefore, the second and third rounds only feature 2 of the 3 remaining houseguests.  The loser of round two is officially eliminated from the competition and must hope and pray they are selected by the HOH winner to be taken to the finale.

Memory Lane

Jeff Schroeder makes a surprise visit to the Big Brother house.  Jeff is a former Big Brother contestant and part of the special Big Brother lore.  Jeff sits down with the final 3 to break bread and talk about their favorite moments of the summer.  This is the annual “stroll down memory lane” episode put together each season.

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Jeff, Tyler, JC and Kaycee ran through some of the most memorable moments this season.  From Sam Bledsoe’s house meeting with the proposition to rig the Big Brother Hacker competition to her threats to curb stomp someone’s head, Sam was an interesting addition to the house.  The 4 reminisced about Brett Robinson’s eviction speeches, Bayleigh Dayton’s lip biting rager moment, and Kaitlyn Herman’s self-destruction with her opportunity to win her way back into the house.

Round 1 Head of Household

This is an endurance competition called Jet Pack Attack where the players must hang on to there jetpacks the longest.  The jetpacks aren’t exactly easy to hang onto either as they move in all directions including tilting forwards and backwards.  In addition, spurts of air and slime are extra details the players must contend with during the competition.  We only got to see a brief moment of the beginning of this competition.  The reminder of this and the next two rounds will be shown on the finale this Wednesday evening.

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