Big Brother 23 Episode 15 Recap: POV Winner

Derek Xiao won the Head of Household competition in week five inside the Big Brother 23 house. Derek has a pretty impressive resume thus far with an HOH win and two Power of Veto victories under his belt. He has firm allies in the Big Brother house and is all set to make a big move.

Big Brother 23 Derek Xiao

Derek’s plan for his week as HOH is to go after the biggest threat in the Big Brother house, Christian Birkenberger. Derek nominated Sarah Beth Steagall and Britini D’Angelo as pawns this week with intentions to backdoor Christian. Will Derek’s plan and a power shot to Christian come to fruition? Let’s find out tonight on Big Brother.

Week Five Block Nomination Fallout

Sarah Beth is very surprised she is on the block being that she is in the Royal Flush alliance with Derek X. Britini is in tears once again as this is her third week of five on the block in the Big Brother 23 game. Christian is very suspicious of Derek’s block nominations.

Derek confided in SB that she was not the target this week. He tried to cover his tracks and finally gave in and told her Christian is his real target.

Big Brother 23 Derek SB

Derek met with Christian, Alyssa Lopez, and Xavier Prather about the block nominations. He did his best to convince them that Britini was his target to go home this week in the Big Brother 23 house. Christian seemed to be on board.

Week Five Power of Veto Competition

In addition to Derek X., Britini, and SB… Alyssa, Claire Rehfuss, and Kyland Young will be playing in this week’s Big Brother POV competition.

This POV competition is called Kingdom of Curl A Lot, and this is the infamous Big Brother reward and punishment competition. The players must complete reps on their workout equipment. The player with the lowest number of reps in each round will be eliminated from the game and select a reward or punishment. The next player eliminated can choose a new reward/punishment or select a prize from one of their opponents.

Claire is out first, and she received the golden Power of Veto as her prize. SB is next out, and she won $5,000. She chose to keep the money over the POV. WHAT?!?!?!? Ky has the lowest reps in round three, and he got a punishment. He traded Claire for the POV.

Derek X. lost the next round, and he received a punishment. He traded for the POV. He tried to take the $5,000 from SB, but she begged for him not to take it so he didn’t. Her birthday is this upcoming week so Derek X. felt bad for her even though he knew that he would be stuck with a punishment for the week in the Big Brother 23 house.

Big Brother 23 Week 5 POV

In the final round, Alyssa and Britini were the only houseguests left in the game. Britini won over Alyssa and picked the POV from Derek X. as her prize. Alyssa won a phone call from home. Poor Derek X. ended up with the Lord of the Latrine punishment. For the next 24 hours, he will hold the only key to the locked bathroom and will announce each time it is used.

Week Five Power of Veto Ceremony

Derek decided to tell Alyssa about his plan to backdoor Alyssa. Of course, she told Christian immediately. Derek also told the rest of his alliance. Xavier was not real happy with the plan because Christian is a shield for him. Derek knows this move is risky, and if Christian stays in the Big Brother 23 house, Derek will be in trouble.

Christian did all he could to convince Derek to nominate Derek Frazier instead of him. We will have to wait until tomorrow to find out who Derek X. nominates to the block.

Check back tomorrow, August 12 at 8/7c for the POV ceremony, the live eviction vote, and the next HOH competition.

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