Every Big Brother fan can agree that one key component to strategic and logical gameplay necessary to win the $500,000 is developing and nurturing alliances inside the Big Brother house each week. Without alliances, Big Brother 22 houseguests are on an isolated island by themselves with no protection from other players. With such importance to the game, Big Brother Access will discuss and update all of the current alliances and any recent changes to keep fans up-to-date on the Big Brother: All-Stas deals and alliances.

Big Brother All-Stars Alliance Update

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Week three is underway inside the Big Brother All-Stars house, and Tyler Crispen is the new Head of Household. After Janelle Pierzina and Kaysar Ridha spoke about alliances developing on the other side of the house and named Tyler as a member of said alliances, he made them his primary targets for eviction this week. Consequently, Tyler nominated Janelle and Kaysar to the block for eviction.

There is no surprise that Janelle and Kaysar formed an alliance and final two agreement as soon as they first entered the Big Brother All-Stars house. Their relationship began when they played together in Big Brother 6, and they bonded, even more, the following year while playing together in Big Brother 7. These are the O.G.’s of Big Brother. Ironically, this is their third time on the block together. Other than their final two agreement, they really have not cut any deals to protect them within a larger group. That may be one of their biggest downfalls in Big Brother All-Stars.

In addition to winning this week’s HOH competition, Tyler has also won the title of having the most alliances over any other houseguest in the Big Brother All-Stars house to date. Tyler has been approached by the majority of the house (or approached houseguests himself), and he has managed to make final two deals with Enzo Palumbo, Da’Vonne Rogers, Bayleigh Dayton, David Alexander, Cody CalafioreChristmas Abbott and last but not least…Janelle and Kaysar (separately). Tyler has been a busy, busy boy over the first three weeks of gameplay.

Big Brother 22 Enzo andTyler

In addition to all of his side deals and final two arrangements, Tyler is also a member of the house majority alliance. They have named themselves the Committee and the group includes Tyler, Cody, Memphis Garrett, Christmas, Dani Donato, and Nicole Franzel.

The core members of the Committee alliance are Memphis and Cody who bonded instantly as being two houseguests that each finished in second place next to their ride-or-die in their own seasons. They agreed that each are loyal to the end and know how to play the game. They named their final two deal and alliance the Commission to coincide with their previous alliances, the Hitmen (Cody and BB16 winner Derrick Levasseur) and the Renegades (Memphis and BB10 winner Dan Gheesling).

Another Tyler alliance is an all-guys trio with Enzo and Cody (mind you Tyler has a final two with each of them also). They call themselves Team Freeze. David is close to this group, but he is not an official member of the alliance.

Just over the last week, another alliance has spawned in the Big Brother All-Stars house right before Tyler won the HOH competition called the Slick Six. Cody, Tyler, Enzo, Dani, Day, and Bay were all in the photo room conversing about Janelle and Kaysar. None of them wanted either of the duo to win the HOH competition. That was enough on the surface to form an alliance together moving forward.

Big Brother All-Stars Slick Six Alliance

This alliance is not full of trust on either side and not exactly what it appears. The boys are already in a trio together, Team Freeze, and they want to keep a close eye on Day who was overheard by Dani earlier talking to Bay about working with both sides of this house.

Day was warned earlier that these guys were possibly forming an all-guys alliance, but even with this information from David, Day seems to think this is a good alliance to form for her and Bay. This could really come back to bite Day in the behind, which is sad because up until now, she was really playing a good game and making sound decisions. More info on this alliance as it plays out in the weeks to come.

Once the three amigos were alone together (AKA Team Freeze), they confirmed that this alliance was nothing more than an attempt to keep Day close to extract info from her and Bayleigh. They made it clear that their true loyalty lies with Team Freeze. Enzo has named Tyler, Tyler Bandit and Cody , Cody Zuko, and of course Enzo will be known as Meow Meow…a throwback to his previous stay in the Big Brother house.

There are lots of other final two deals in the Big Brother All-Stars house already. These early alliances have a lot of gameplay to endure and most won’t come anywhere near the end of the game. Some notable ride-or-die deals are Da’Vonne and Bayleigh who call themselves Black Girl Magic.

Another alliance to note is Ian Terry and Nicole F. that have a final two deal called the Million Club. This clever name came to fruition because if either of them wins this season, it will be their second Big Brother victory amassing one million dollars in total prize money. In addition to their final two together, they have an alliance called Four Prime that adds Dani and Cody to the group.

Big Brother All-Stars Four Prime

Another notable group is the Core Four that includes Enzo, Cody, Nicole F., and Dani. Both Enzo and Cody and Dani and Nicole have side final two arrangements with one another. In addition, Nicole and Cody have a final two deal as well. Cody maybe trying to compete with Tyler with the most alliances in the Big Brother house. Tyler may have more final two deals, but Cody may have him beat with group alliance deals to date.

Looking at the alliance graphic provided by @89razorskate, it is easy to see that many of the houseguests have multiple alliances and final two deals solidified already in the game. What remains to be seen is how may of these deals will stick together, how many will crumble under the pressure of the game, and just how many can make it past the jury point.

Every houseguest seems to be a member of at least one decent alliance and a final two deal with the exception of one houseguest…David. He isn’t really a part of any particular alliance other than Day and Bayleigh having his back. What can you expect though? David had not spent one night in the Big Brother house until this season. To say he is a rookie would be an understatement.

Well, that wraps up the first alliance report here in week three of Big Brother All-Stars. Tyler is in the best position this week with having HOH powers and more deals than anyone else in the house. That may be working for Tyler now, but later on, that tactic could really hurt his gameplay. Stay tuned for more information as it develops.

Sad to say, the cast is already down two females with Keesha Smith and Nicole Anthony being evicted already. If Tyler keeps to his word, Janelle will most likely go home this week leaving only five females and all eight males in the Big Brother house. Girl power needs to step it up if they want to make it to the end!

Come back next week for all the Big Brother alliance news and updates. Comment below on who you think is in the best position right now inside the house when it comes to deals and alliances.

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