What Will Be The Next Big Brother 22 Twist? [Prediction]

On the Big Brother 22 premiere episode, host Julie Chen Moonves teased the houseguests about new rooms being introduced into the game. We got the first room these last three weeks, The Safety Suite, which kept two players safe from the threat of eviction. There was one winner and the person who they chose as their plus one. The Safety Suite kind of fell short in terms of creating some drama and shift in the game.

The first week, the Safety Suite helped save Kaysar Ridha and Janelle Pierzina, which allowed fans of them to at least experience two more weeks with them in the game. The next two weeks, it helped protect Ian Terry, but the other winners and plus ones were never in real danger. The twist also helped Enzo Palumbo pull Christmas Abbott more to his side.

Unless CBS and Julie pull a Summer of Twists repeat, and just end twist after a couple of weeks, we should see a new room introduced on Thursday’s Big Brother episode. Of course, no one knows what this room will entail. It could be a room like the Big Brother Care Packages where viewers get to vote to give a player a prize or power, or the BB App store type twist. I believe at some point voting twists will be introduced into the game, but I don’t think this will be that week.

My guess is that this week’s Big Brother twist will involve a third nominee. Big Brother has done these types of twists in the past with the Hacker twist and the Roadkill challenge. I believe that this week’s new room will involve houseguests competing to win the power to make a secret third nomination. It makes sense if this is the latest twist because we’re quickly approaching another season where the majority alliance just steamrolls through all the players that are not in it.

In Big Brother 20, Haleigh Broucher gave viewers a little bit of excitement when she nominated head of Level 6 Tyler Crispen. It backfired and helped lead to Bayleigh Dayton‘s demise, but it did shake up the game for a couple of days. This week could fall flat like the Safety Suite, but there is still hope that players like Da’Vonne Rogers, Kaysar, Enzo, and even Daniele Donato-Briones might use the power to make a secret third nominee that will take out a big player.

This is just my theory based on Big Brother‘s past twist history. What do you think will be the latest twist? Will we even have one? Let us know!

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