Big Brother 22 Episode 1 Recap: Meet the All-Star Cast

Big Brother fans have waited patiently for the premier night of their favorite summer pleasure. Although a few weeks late due to health and safety issues for the cast and crew, Big Brother 22 All-Stars is finally here!

Big Brother 22 All-Stars

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Back for the 22nd season, fan favorite host Julie Chen Moonves is ready to announce the cast that has been kept under wraps until tonight. This will be the first ever completely live premier in the history of the show. 16 All-Stars will be battling it out to win the coveted $500,000 prize and the title of Big Brother winner.

First Group to Enter the Big Brother 22 House

The first guest to enter the Big Brother house is Nicole Franzel. She is a two-time Big Brother houseguest and won Big Brother 18. Not only did Nicole win the title of Big Brother, but she won the heart of fellow contestant Victor Arroyo. The two are currently engaged and planning their wedding. Nicole is out to be the first two-time winner of Big Brother.

Next up to be introduced is Daniele Donato-Briones from Big Brother 8 and Big Brother 13. She placed second in BB8 to Evil Dick. Danny also found love inside the house and is married to fellow houseguest Dominic. The two share a 2 year-old daughter together. Danny holds the record for the most ever Power of Veto competitions in a single season which was 5 wins.

Two-time houseguest Da’Vonne Rogers is back for the All-Star season. She was the second houseguest evicted in BB17 and the first jury member in BB18. Day definitely has something to prove with some unfinished business inside the Big Brother house. She is known for being a hot head and talking too much.

Girl power continues as Christmas Abbott from Big Brother 19 is next to be introduced. She finished third in her Big Brother season. She is an online fitness instructor now and has much more to prove to her fans. Even with a broken foot, she managed to place third after she fell while receiving a piggy back ride. You can visit site if you need to buy vitamins to help your body to be the best version of it.

Julie speaks with the first four houseguests and explains how they have all been medically cleared to play the game. Even though they are wearing masks, they will soon enter the Big Brother “Bubble” where masks will no longer be required.

Julie explains to the houseguests that the first competition begins as soon as they enter the Big Brother house. Only the first two finishers will advance to the live Head of Household (HOH) competition later tonight. Here are the instructions as they enter the house.

The houseguests must race to the backyard where a question awaits them. The houseguests must search the house for the answer to the question, and they must lock-in their answer on their game board in the backyard. Only the first two to correctly answers the question within the four minute allotment will advance to compete later tonight in the HOH competition.

BB22 Christmas Abbott

Christmas was the only houseguest to correctly answer the question within the four minute timeline. She will advance to the live HOH competition to be played later this evening. These four houseguests will be hidden away while more players are introduced to the Big Brother house.

Second Group to Enter the Big Brother 22 House

Tyler Crispen is next to join the game. Tyler placed second place in Big Brother 20, but he also found the love of his life. Fellow houseguest Angela Rummans and Tyler are still going strong today. Tyler also won America’s Favorite houseguest during his season, but he definitely has a lot to prove after finishing in second place for the top prize.

Ian Terry, winner of Big Brother 14, joins the Big Brother 22 All-Star cast next. Ian won four different HOH competitions during his season proving he is no joke.  Ian is very intelligent, but his intellect is well known.

Kevin Campbell joins next, and he was a member of the Big Brother 11 cast. Kevin finished third during his Big Brother season. Kevin has a lot of experience under his belt since he played the game. He is happily married for a little over a year, but he has been with his husband for over 20 years. When Kevin lost the final HOH competition, it cost him the game. He has a lot to prove.

Up next, Enzo Palumbo, joins the new season. Enzo played during the Big Brother 12 season. Enzo finished in third place, and he founded the Brigade alliance which was very successful in their season.

Big Brother 22 All-Stars

The next four houseguests have entered the Big Brother house and rushed to the backyard to answer the question. The first two to answer correctly within the four minute time allotment will advance to the live HOH competition later tonight.

Ian and Kevin were the first two houseguests to correctly answer the question. Both will advance to the HOH competition.

Third Group to Enter the Big Brother 22 House

Janelle Pierzina is next up to enter the Big Brother 22 house. Janelle placed third in BB6, third again in BB7 (All-Stars), and twelfth in BB14. She is infamous for evicting Dr. Will from the house during BB7 and winning the most competitions during a single season. Janelle claims to be one of the best to have ever played the game and never won.

Bayleigh Dayton from Big Brother 20 is next up. She finished eleventh in her season, but she also walked away with a showman partner. Her husband is Swaggy C from season BB20. Swaggy proposed on live TV to Bayleigh during the finale of their season.

Nicole Anthony finished third during the last season of Big Brother, BB21. Nicole is out to show that she is more than capable of finishing higher than third place and win the Big Brother title.

Keesha Smith from Big Brother 10 is the final female in the third group to enter the Big Brother house. Keesha finished fourth during her BB season. Keesha won America’s Favorite Player during BB10. She plans to come strong out of the gate and not to be so trusting of everyone.

This group is released into the Big Brother house to answer the backyard question. Nicole was the only houseguest to properly answer the question within the four minute time limit.

Big Brother 22 All-Stars

Fourth Group to Enter the Big Brother 22 House

Kayser Ridha joins the Big Brother 22 All-Star cast. Kayser finished tenth in both BB6 and BB7 (All-Stars). Kayser was a fan favorite and played a very strategic game. He has never made it to the jury house, but he has his sights set on placing better than tenth place this time around.

Cody Calafiore is the next houseguest to join the game. Cody was the runner-up from Big Brother 16. He was one half of the infamous Hitman alliance with Derrick Levasseur. Cody’s downfall was bringing his alliance partner with him to the finale where Derrick won the vote. Cody is out to prove he wasn’t carried to the final two by winning All-Stars.

Next up is Memphis Garrett who finished in second place in Big Brother 10. He was the losing half of the Renegade squad. Memphis plans to be methodical and cut throat. He is out to prove he is a winner, once and for all.

Finally, David Alexander is the last member to enter the Big Brother 22 house. David was the first houseguest eliminated during his season. He lost a competition and was never voted out of the house but left due to a twist in the game.

The final group charges to the backyard to compete for the chance to play for the first HOH. Cody and Memphis advanced to compete in the first HOH competition.

Big Brother 22 All-Stars


Next, all four individual groups of houseguests are introduced to one another inside the Big Brother house.

Head of Household Competition

The first HOH competition of the summer is called Star-Steppin and only six houseguests will be competing in the first HOH title. They include Christmas, Ian, Kevin, Nicole A., Cody, and Memphis. One at a time, the players must race across the star-studded field to get to the other side the fastest. Some of the stars are solid and some not so much. If you fall, you must start over from he beginning and try again. The player with the fastest time will be the first HOH of the summer.

There is a three minute time limit to complete the challenge. If the players fail to complete the course within three minutes, they are immediately eliminated. They must also pick up an envelope to be opened later. A random order was established for the competition, and players will not watch others compete as to not gain an advantage.

Big Brother 22 All-Stars


Cody was the winner of the first HOH competition of the summer with a blazing time of just over 22 seconds. Julie spoke with Cody privately in the Diary Room. Cody was the most surprised with seeing Kayser in the house. He also wanted to win the first HOH once he saw all of the cast for this season.

Time to open envelopes from the HOH competition. Inside each envelope is either a cash prize or a punishment. Ian, Kevin, Nicole A., and Memphis will be the first have-nots the season. Christmas won a $5,000 cash prize in her envelope.

As a have-not, the four houseguests will take only cold showers, eat slop, and sleep in dire conditions for one week.

Tune back in on Sunday, August 9th at 10 PM EST, 9PM CST for the next episode of Big Brother 22 All-Stars. The first twist of the summer will be revealed on Sunday called the Safety Suite which all houseguests will want.

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