The Big Brother 22 Rumored All-Star Cast

Big Brother 22 has been a major mystery from the beginning. Fans weren’t sure if they would even get a season with the very real and constant threat of COVID-19. The pandemic forced the shutdown of many production teams, and CBS and Big Brother were no exception. Then like a phoenix rising from the ashes, CBS announced Big Brother’s return for August 5, 2020.

Big Brother 22 House-2

Not only did we learn that Big Brother would return, but that it would include an all-star cast of returning players. The last time Big Brother had an all-star cast was during Big Brother 7 in 2006.

CBS left viewers on hold by deciding to release the cast during the Big Brother 22 premiere episode. This lead to some disappointment, but also excitement for the potential cast. All season spoiler accounts and Big Brother commentary accounts have been posting information on social media about the potential cast.

Big Brother 8 winner and Big Brother 13 houseguest Evel Dick Donato has been actively posting potential cast lists. Last week, he posted on Twitter an unofficial cast list from his sources.

RealityBBQ on Twitter has also been posting all pre-season info that the account gets about the possible returning houseguests. Both have been constant and reliable Big Brother info sources. In addition to those cast rumors, sleuthy fans have also been monitoring the social media activity of potential all-star casts and their family members. Some cast members have had some slip-ups to make their involvement in Big Brother All Stars 2 pretty obvious.

And some others have made fun nods to potential players.

CBS also posted various quotes from the current Big Brother 22 players on various social media pages, and they can be traced back to some of the rumored players.


All these clues plus reliable Big Brother sources make me believe that Evel Dick and RealityBBQ’s rumored list is either completely accurate or really close to who we’ll see walking to the house tonight.

The names listed are:

  1. Bayleigh Dayton (Big Brother 20)
  2. Christmas Abbott (Big Brother 19)
  3. Cody Calafiore (Big Brother 16)
  4. Da’Vonne Rogers (Big Brother 17, 18)
  5. Daniele Donato-Briones (Big Brother 8, 13)
  6. David Alexander (Big Brother 21)
  7. Enzo Palumbo ( Big Brother 12)
  8. Ian Tery (Big Brother 14)
  9. Janelle Pierzina (Big Brother 6, 7, 14)
  10. Kaysar Ridha (Big Brother 6, 7)
  11. Keesha Smith (Big Brother 10)
  12. Kevin Campbell (Big Brother 11)
  13. Memphis Garrett (Big Brother 10)
  14. Nicole Anthony (Big Brother 21)
  15. Nicole Franzel (Big Brother 16, 18)
  16. Tyler Crispen (Big Brother 20)

It would also seem that CBS had a bit of a mess up, and leaked an upcoming ad featuring 8 of the 16 players. These are all names mentioned on the rumored list


We’ll find out for sure tonight when Big Brother airs its 2-hour premiere on CBS if these are the real houseguests moving back in. For now, how do you feel about the rumored cast?

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