CBS Announces The Date To Meet The Big Brother 22 Cast

Big Brother 22 has had an interesting pre-season. With the threat of coronavirus still being very real and scary, everything has been delayed or uncertain. Big Brother is no exception. Big Brother originally got fans hopes up for a Big Brother cast reveal this past Wednesday, with an advertisement they put up about it on their live feeds tab. That was removed and replaced with a note to catch the Big Brother season premiere on Wednesday, August 5, 2020. 

When it was first announced that Big Brother 22 would premiere next Wednesday, it also came with a note about the season having a live move-in. This would be a first in regular Big Brother history (Big Brother Over the Top had a live move-in).  As fans waited days without any info. They finally decided to take fans out of the dark about what was happening.

CBS announced via social media that, the Big Brother 22 premiere will be 2-hours and feature a live move-in and the cast reveal.

Yes, everyone, we have to wait until the Big Brother 22 live premiere to meet the cast. The good news is that’s less than a week away, and we’ll be providing you plenty of content until then to keep you from losing it while waiting on a new season. 

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