Big Brother 17 Recap: Premiere Night Pt 2 – Big Brother Takeover!

The two-part Big Brother 2015 premiere wraps up tonight on CBS and there is a lot to look forward to! Not only will we get to meet the rest of the Big Brother 17 cast, we’ll also have another Head of Household Competition — and possibly some more surprising twists in store!

Big Brother 2015 cast (CBS)
Big Brother 2015 cast (CBS)

After the CBS Big Brother show ends, the real fun begins with the debut of the Big Brother Live Feeds. Just a few hours later, the first episode of Big Brother After Dark will air on the Pop network (formerly TVGN).

Before all that, however, we have the second half of the Big Brother 17 premiere. The remainder of the cast will be revealed, although we’re still not sure how many of them there will be. There are a lot of rumors going around, backed by some pretty strong evidence, that at least two more Houseguests will be showing up at some point.

We do know that there will be a second Head of Household Competition tonight to determine the second person who will wear the title of HoH this week. Yes, Battle of the Block is back whether we like it or not, so that means two HoHs each week until one of them gets knocked back down into the general population.

On Wednesday, we met Audrey Middleton, Austin Matelson, Clay Honeycutt, Da’Vonne Rogers, Jace Agolli, James Huling, Meg Maley, and Shelli Poole.

Big Brother 17 Houseguests

Tonight we will get to see remaining Houseguests Becky Burgess, Jason Roy, John McGuire, Liz Nolan, Steve Moses, and Vanessa Rousso. We may, or may not, also meet the mysterious twin for the ‘Twin Twist‘ — we think it will be Julia Nolan, identical twin to Liz. (We suspect it is Julia in the swimsuit pics, not Liz.)

Plus, of course, even with the ‘Twin Twist’ adding another person sort of to the cast, that only leaves us with 15 Houseguests total for a very long 98 days in the house. We suspect that two ‘guests’ from The Amazing Race might just be adding their names to the cast either temporarily or long term. However, that may or may not happen this evening. So much to find out and so many twists yet to be revealed!

Are you ready for some more Big Brother 2015 madness? Our live recap of the season premiere part two kicks off at 8PM ET / 5PM PT right here on this page. Stay tuned!

Here we go! Back with Big Brother 17 host Julie Chen with another night of “expect the unexpected.” With the Big Brother Takeover this season, we’re probably going to get mighty sick of that phrase real soon with a new twist every single week.

Big Brother 17 Episode 2 1

Julie is looking svelte in a not too ugly flower dress this evening as she tells us the first Big Brother Takeover twist will be happening tonight. Then we get a quick review of last night’s episode, including the formation of the season’s first alliance between Shelli, Audrey, and Da’Vonne.

We also had the first Head of Household Competition after the announcement of the return of the Battle of the Block. Da’Vonne sat the comp out, and James became the “star of the night” as the first HoH of the summer.

Now it’s time to meet the next set of Houseguests!

Liz Nolan is a marketing coordinator from Florida and says she is very fiesty. She thinks her biggest threat in the house will be jealous girls.

Jason Roy works as a cashier and a stock boy. Obviously this is not his dream job and he also still lives in his mom’s basement. He says he is a Big Brother historian and superfan. His bedroom is hideous.

Vanessa Rousso is a professional poker player and lives in Las Vegas. She thinks the skills to be good in poker are the same kind of skills she needs to win Big Brother.

“Rock Star Dentist” John McGuire fixes people’s teeth during the day, but rocks out on the guitar at night. He says he became a dentist for the money and it’s hard to find a girl who isn’t a gold digger.

Becky Burgess loves the outdoors, camping, and hiking. She says she is fun, friendly, and easy to trust. Which is how she will be able to manipulate them.

Steve Moses says he is probably the kid you cheated off of in math class. He loves music, and says he is a huge nerd and geek. He says he is the “biggest Big Brother fanatic you can possibly imagine.”

The Houseguests only have an hour to pack and they rush off to get ready. Jason starts packing terribly ugly, colorful clothes. Vanessa talks about formerly dating guys, but now she is with a girl. So with Jason, Vanessa, and Audrey — we have a gay, lesbian, and transgender contingent on Big Brother 17 this year.

Steve is not looking forward to people playing emotionally. Liz says she’s a people person and loves all the attention she can get. Becky says divas are the hardest people she can think of being around. John says he hates superfans, while Jason says anyone who hates superfans shouldn’t be in the game!

Becky says she would be interested in a showmance, Jason says he would do it if it would help him in the game, and Liz says she is “super down for a showmance.”

“Expect the Unexpected” Julie tells the new Houseguests and tells them that some of the cast members have already moved into the house. She says they also know about two major twists this season. The first is the Battle of the Block, and there has already been one Head of Household crowned. One of them will be the second. The second twist is the Big Brother Takeover, which will unleash new twists into the game throughout the summer. You never know who or what it might be.

The first group to enter the house are Liz, Becky, and Steve. There is a lot of screaming and hugging as the new Houseguests enter. Someone notes there are a whole lot of “J” names. Meg makes fun of Steve in Diary Room, saying she is probably the first girl he has hugged in a while. Liz is immediately all about Clay, of course. Becky makes faces in Diary Room at Jace calling her home state ‘Rado’ instead of Colorado.

That leaves Jason, John, and Vanessa as the last Houseguests to enter. Jason yells “OMG why is everyone so freakin’ beautiful!” and then runs off to find a bed to claim. Austin says when Jason enters, it’s like he is Seabiscuit and Jason is his jockey, he is so small. John is so excited and so overwhelmed he is just hugging anything in front of him. Vanessa says she is in an information deficit in the house and she needs to catch up first. Liz tries to sound like a serious player, but we just kind of ignore her.

Now we have the Houseguest introduction roundtable, where half the cast will have to introduce themselves all over again. Da’Vonne doesn’t believe John when he says he is a dentist. She thinks he just does not give off a ‘dentist vibe’. Liz says she broke up with her bae because “you only get to go on Big Brother once.” Jace says in Diary Room he did something similar so he could be free to play. Clay thinks Steve is like former Big Brother winner Ian Terry‘s identical twin and he better watch out.

James tell everyone he is “all about country” and he is one of the HoHs of the week. Vanessa introduces herself only as a DJ and says nothing about the millions she has won as a professional poker player. She says she doesn’t want people to think she might be a good manipulator. Jason says he is 25 even though he looks like he is 12. He stocks groceries and he lives in his mom’s basement! And gay obviously. Da’Vonne thinks he is just like Pee Wee Herman and wants to put him in her pocket!

Next up is Audrey, who introduces herself and reveals for the second time that she is the first transgender person to be a Big Brother USA contestant. Vanessa thinks it is very brave of Audrey to come on BB17 and represent. Becky talks about loving the outdoors. James says he would love to share a room with Becky, Vanessa, or Liz as HoH!

Now, however, everyone notices there are two empty seats at the dining room table. And we switch to host Julie Chen, who says there is an “amazing twist” coming up for the Big Brother Takeover. Cue the already leaked Big Brother spoilers about The Amazing Race team of Jeff Weldon and Jackie Ibarra being involved in this season somehow.

Back from commercial and it’s time for the first Big Brother Takeover! The Amazing Race host Phil Keoghan will be the surprise guest tonight to take over the game and implement this week’s twist. He talks about how former Big Brother couples have ended up on The Amazing Race, like Jeff Shcroeder and Jordan Lloyd, and Rachel Reilly and Brendon Villegas.

He says he thinks it is only fair that since Julie has given him contestants to play on TAR, so it is only fair if some TAR competitors end up on Big Brother.

He says that he wants to bring Jeff Weldon and Jackie Ibarra in from last season of The Amazing Race. The video they show plays up the two of them looking cozy together, and then fighting nastily with each other. Showmances and catfights, everything Big Brother is built on. After Jeff and Jackie arrive on the set, Jeff tells Julie that they are very good friends and talk a few times a week. They aren’t in a relationship though, they are just very close friends.

Now it is time for the Big Brother cast to meet their new house-mates! The Big Brother Takeover drumroll blasts through the house and everyone rushes to the living room. Phil tells the Houseguests that he is taking over the game this week and he is putting two The Amazing Race contestants in the house to play the game with all of them.

Steve instantly recognizes them and he really hopes that they will end up being easy, early targets. Liz introduces James to them as the current Head of Household. Jackie says in Diary Room she’s gone from racing around the world to being stuck in this house, as different a game as you can get.

Jace immediately starts talking about the babes again, and how you have to have a Veronica as well as a Betty for all the Archies to fight over. Everyone wonders if Jackie and Jeff are a couple, but Jackie is quick to tell everyone they are not dating. Jeff says his first thing to do is to make sure everyone knows he is playing solo, not with Jackie, even though he thinks he has Jackie in his back pocket.

For tonight’s second HoH Competition, a Houseguest will sit out just like Da’Vonne did last night. Jackie doesn’t want to sit out because she thinks she’ll be an early target. Vanessa decides to gamble and volunteer to sit out. Clay suggests that those who sit out should not be nominated and several of the Houseguests agree, just like last night with Da’Vonne.

The Competition this evening is once again alien-themed but we don’t have the whole red carpet tonight. Instead, this time they are actually in the UF Oh No! movie with the aliens. They are dressed in overhauls in a fake cornfield. They have to hang on to poles in front of them and not get “sucked up” by the alien mothership. (In other words, the ropes tugging them upward while flashy lights and noises fly around. Strength and weight are an advantage here.

Instead of dirty tomato juice all over the HGs tonight, they get nasty green slime shooting down from above. The weight starts increasing more, trying to pull them up. Steve is sliding up his pole and says the “force is definitely not with me” tonight. The aliens have Steve and throw him back down in a hay pile. He is worried now he will be an easy elimination target.

‘Rock Star Dentist’ Johnny Mac McGuire is sliding up, and so is Jeff from The Amazing Race. Jeff finally decides to just let go and let them beam him up to hopefully reduce the target on his back. Finally John can’t hang on anymore and says he hopes he doesn’t get impregnated by those aliens! Becky adjusts herself on the pole and finally slides off.

Jackie is trying hard to focus, but she’s sliding up slowly anyway. Liz is also losing her grip. Jason, however, is clutching on for dear life! Liz is holding on with arms only and finally she can’t do it anymore and slides off. That leaves just Jackie and Jason left. Jason is still crouched halfway down his pole, while Jackie is near the top and hanging with pretty much just her dancer’s legs.

Jason promises Jackie he will not put her up if she lets go. Jackie is about to lose anyway, so she takes the deal and lets go. Jason is the second Head of Household for the week!

Da’Vonne says every season the dudes get in power and the girls start dropping. She says that is not going to happen this year on her watch!

Back again from commercial and Phil is back with more Big Brother Takeover for the week. He says that Da’Vonne and Vanessa sat out the HoH Competition was a risky move. But with great risk comes great reward. Their reward, however, is not going to be revealed tonight!

We don’t learn the identity of the twin either, although we are pretty sure who it probably is.

And that’s a wrap!

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