Big Brother 2015 Swimsuit Photos

The Big Brother 17 swimsuit photos for the new cast have finally been released! Usually we get these before the Big Brother premiere each year. This season, however, CBS has been holding back on a lot of the usual goodies we get before the show debuts because of all the many ‘twists’ this time around.

Big Brother 17 Cast: Becky Burgess
Big Brother 17 Cast: Becky Burgess

One of the things we have noticed about the Big Brother swimsuit photos for season 17 is that we don’t think the pic that should be Liz Nolan actually is. We actually believe it is her twin sister, Julia Nolan, based on other pics we’ve seen of the two of them. If it is, and we can tell the difference between the two in just photos, it’s going to be hard for them to pull of the Twin Twist for very long.

Also interesting in the Big Brother swimsuit photos, is that Audrey is the only one of the girls not wearing a bikini bottom. Although Da’Vonne is wearing a similar top. We wonder if Audrey, or perhaps CBS didn’t want to be too attention drawing since she’s transgender. We hope it was a decision Audrey made to feel more comfortable, and not something forced on her by the network. If Audrey wants to wear a bikini, she should feel just as free to do so as the other ladies in the house.

Big Brother 17 Swimsuit Photo Gallery
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