Big Brother 17 Spoilers: Twin Twist Houseguests Revealed!

On the Big Brother 17 premiere tonight, we learned one of the major twists of the season would involve an identical Twin Twist. Big Brother 2015 host Julie Chen announced that one of the Houseguests would secretly be switching places with their twin in the game. The biggest question we had about the twist, of course, was which Big Brother cast member has an identical twin? Well, it didn’t take long for the Big Brother fans to root out who the doubles were: Liz Nolan and her sister Julia Nolan.

Big Brother Twin Twist

Although several of the Houseguests this season happen to have twins, this was the only set of truly identical siblings that might qualify. Even though, they really don’t actually look that identical in most of their pre-show photos. Even in the promo pictures for Big Brother 17, fans quickly noted that the girl in the swimsuit photos did not look like the same girl in the regular cast photos.

Not only do the twins not quite exactly look alike, but we’ve seen on the Big Brother Live Feeds that their hair has beendifferent lengths, and parted different ways. Plus, at one point one of the twins was wearing nail polish and the other wasn’t. Oops! Julia also referred to ‘Liz’ in the third person… twice. And she slipped and said “we” used to be brunette at one point while discussing how the Memory Wall photo doesn’t even look like her!

On Thursday night’s first live eviction show, host Julie Chen finally confirmed what most had already guessed. Julie and Liz were indeed the sisters taking part in the Twin Twist. In fact, they actually switched places during the live vote! We loved when Julie revealed the secret twist to Jace and he had absolutely no idea. He made some seriously great faces.

Big Brother 17 Episode 5 1

The twins have gotten better at looking like each other as the days progress, but it has to be hella confusing to keep track of everything going on in the house.

The twins have to make it through five evictions before they are declared safe. If they get that far without their secret being revealed, then both of them will get to be regular Houseguests and compete for the grand prize.

If we can spot the difference just in cast photos and see how many times they slip up on the Live Feeds, how long can Liz Nolan and Julia Nolan really keep their Twin Twist secret? I mean, these two aren’t really like Adria and Natalie from Big Brother season 5. Those two were so identical their own mother probably couldn’t tell them apart. Liz and Julia have different voices, different mannerisms, and they don’t even seem to be exactly the same height and weight.

What do you think of this Big Brother Twin Twist? Do you think they’ll last long enough for both of them to become real Houseguests? Or will the superfans in the house sniff out this twist so fast it will make both twins’ heads spin?


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