Big Brother 17: State of the House Report (Week 2)

The Big Brother Live Feeds have been switched on about a week, and with a new week about to start, it’s the perfect time to evaluate where everyone stands in the game so far. This will hopefully weekly blog I’ll be writing called the “State of the House.”

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Essentially I’ll just give you the low-down on what to expect in the next week to come: who is on the hotseat, who is safe, who needs HoH, who might cause conflict, and so on. Please if you have any suggestions, use that comment box below this. Without further ado, I’ll jump right in.

I think the best place to start is with the eviction. Jace has been on-again off-again campaigning. He’s his own worst enemy and his aggressive, manic style of getting votes hasn’t really done him any favors. Plus, the entire house apart from Jace and Audrey sort of came together last night for some fun, and I think it’s unlikely that people are going to break away from that unit this early after everyone bonded somewhat for the prom and game events last night.

Even Jace’s best friend Austin has sort of given up, and he has lashed out at Liz for turning his back on him. She’s distanced herself out of fear and done a pretty good job at that. Vanessa and Steve who may have also been on board are planning on creating new alliances that can set them up for a few weeks. I think some of the potential pivotal votes haven’t ever really been approached seriously, John and Becky in particular. Jace’s last hope was Shelli and Clay who thinks it’s too risky to attempt.

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Jackie has remained calm and collected, not approached people in an aggressive manner, and really just laid low which more often than not is the best way to handle being nominated. Props to her, and I think her sign of good faith for the house will probably keep her off the block for a little while, although it depends on who gets in power.

Of course there is a lot of unexpected to come with whatever Kathy Griffin’s Big Brother takeover entails. But it’s worth discussing who might be in trouble, who might be safe, and what we might be able to expect for the week to come. This is all assuming Jace will go home, as that seems to be the conclusion at this time.

Audrey is the obvious target, her game has been blown to smitherines as she’s played too hard too fast. And even if there was room for her to recover from it, she’s completely isolated herself from the group, despite people like Shelli, Clay, Steve, and Meg urging her to participate. Much like Jace, Audrey is her own worst enemy. When she’s had conversations with people the last few days, she hasn’t been able to not talk game. If she is able to win Head of Household, she could build herself some wiggle room, though it might depend on who the other HoH is and what their agenda is, whether they are willing to backdoor her.

I actually think if I was in that house I’d do my best to avoid getting rid of Audrey. While her overplaying causes paranoia, she’ll always be an easy target at this point, and having a shield like that is always a good idea. I think production probably wants to keep her around as well, but we’ll see what happens with that. Regardless, her best plan is to win power and try to make a deal for amnesty.


Let’s talk about Shelli and Clay, Audrey’s closest allies. They’ve tried to distance themselves from her but they still want to work with her if they are able. Both have said that they’d throw HoH, and I think that’s probably true. They don’t want to be forced to put up Audrey especially when they have other ideas in mind like getting rid of people that they don’t trust despite being loosely aligned with such as Da’Vonne or James.

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They both are playing various angles, Clay more than Shelli, and don’t want to have to use a week of power to get rid of someone they’d want in the game. I think throwing it is for the best for the both of them. Depending on who gets power Shelli could be a pawn that ends up in hot water, but people see bigger targets at this point.

Austin and Liz are in an interesting position after losing Jace. Honestly, it’s probably the best move for them both. Austin wanted to save Jace but has slowly realized it doesn’t do him too many favors. Liz has really built distance between them and started socializing in new groups. I think both are still somewhat on the outs but they have ties that may help them out. The dynamics are shifting and it’s unlikely they will be the targets with all the paranoia around. Austin is still a target for some people, but most of those people prefer Audrey to go first. I think both probably should and will go for HoH, so that they can build relationships and position themselves better.

One person Austin has mentioned wanting out is James. Quite a few of them have noticed that James lied early and often this week, and he could be a target for some people, despite his likability. I think bigger targets like Jeff, Audrey, and Clay could come up but James could land in hot water, as he’s really not trusted by the other “side” and some of his own in Shelli and Clay. When you’ve outright lied to people, you really have lost allies, and he needs this week downstairs to rebuild essential ties.

Vanessa and Steve are in an interesting spot, both are on the outside of the majority, though the majority isn’t so unified at this point. They spoke last night about creating an alliance of those excluded from the big alliance last week, which is aggressive but could earn them some favor in the house. I worry Steve could be a perma-pawn because of his physical capabilities but like Jackie he might find himself safe because he’s paid his dues. But Jackie is much more integrated socially than he is. Vanessa might have looked like a target earlier this week, but she’s alright now. For some reason, I feel like she could get HoH this week and really find herself sitting pretty for a while if she does.

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Becky and John, my new favorite potential showmance, are also not really in the loop but well-liked for the most part. They could again be pawns if the Battle of the Block sticks, but more than anything they need to establish some connections. I think either of them winning HoH would work really well for them, and they have to know that. John is probably more liked in the house than Becky, people have remarked what a competitor she is, which could avert people from putting her up. Da’Vonne for instance has said that she’s someone that would need to be backdoored. But if the big alliance wins power, they could be easy excuses for pawns, though they could be seen as paying their dues. God, the Battle of the Block sure complicates things, but I think there are bigger targets than them for now. Eventually they will need to find their way more into the thick of things however.

Jackie and Meg are in pretty good spots right now, Jackie having survived a week of nomination unscathed, and Meg being probably the best connected player socially-speaking. I think both have nothing to worry about this coming week, and might as well throw the HoH competition, though it might benefit Jackie as she can solidify the loose connections she has, as she’s not valued as much as she might think she is.

On the other side of things, Da’Vonne and Jason are skating on thin ice, their connection has been noticed by everyone and there’s quite a few people that feel uneasy about them. I personally enjoy them and their chemistry but it’s hard to say if either will be safe this week. I think Day is a bigger target, but it’s possible that Jason goes up as collateral damage too. I think for both of them winning HoH would really help them out as long as they don’t go on a power trip. Audrey has blamed a lot on Da’Vonne and while Audrey’s credibility is shot, some of those seeds have stuck and she could be some people’s primary or secondary target, which worries me.

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Last but not least is Jeff, who needs to cool it. He’s playing somewhat aggressively and people have seen sides of him recently that they don’t like. He went from people on people’s radars when the feeds came on, to settling down, to being on people’s radars once again. Audrey is after him, he and Austin have an underlying disdain for one another, and people should watch the Clay and Jeff relationship and where that goes. I think he really has potential to be on the block and out sooner than later because he’s not doing himself any favors by getting around as much as he has been.

So that’s everyone. I think this week has potential to be really interesting. Despite an obvious target in Audrey, there’s a very good shot that the takeover, a power win, or other plans derail that. I really am looking forward to seeing how everything unfolds!

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