Big Brother 17: Jace’s Dream Becomes His Worst Nightmare

Jace is having a very bad week in the Big Brother 17 house and this could very well be his last day in the house. How did his golden Big Brother dream turn into his worst nightmare?

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Jace Agolli on Big Brother 2015 (CBS)

WARNING: This post contains Big Brother spoilers from the Live Feeds that have not yet aired on the CBS show. Please do not proceed if you do not want spoilers!

Once upon a time on a soundstage far, far away lived an ogre a Big Brother Contestant by the name Jace. Jace was having a very bad week. You see, Jace had traveled long and wide to realize his dream of becoming the ultimate ‘Bro’ and ruler of the Big Brother 17 house. His journey there did not come without its fair share of sacrifices.

For this dream to come to fruition, not only did he have to give up his job, but his fabulous home near Venice Beach, too! As bad luck would have it, he even crashed his car prior to embarking on his quest for Big Brother 17 domination. An omen, perhaps?

Of all of the obstacles that may have stood in his way, Jace could not have possibly foreseen Hillbilly Emperor James! The self-proclaimed “Hillbilly Asian” had a different vision for the Big Brother kingdom, and it darn-tootin’ did not include Jace!

Sadly for Jace, many of the other houseguests agreed thus emboldening Hillbilly Emperor to issue a royal Backdoor Decree, placing Jace up on the chopping block next the brunette from The Amazing Race.  This enraged Jace, after all, how could the houseguests be so immune to his boisterous antics and repulsive charm? It was all a mystery to poor, dear Jace.

After days of failed campaigning that ranged from the hilarious to the absurd, Jace hit his lowest point when set his sights upon noble squire, Steve. Steve, a quiet and awkward young fellow who often keeps to himself, was actually an ally of Jace; in fact, one of his very few!

Steve actually said to the cameras:

Jace decided the best way to reinforce Steve’s support was to act out a scene from a play so poorly written that surely any thespian worth his salt would toss the script aside.

Being summoned to the hammock room for a chat, Steve sat and listened as Jace ran through a litany of information he had allegedly picked up from other houseguests as he was campaigning. (ie, Steve always knew he was only a pawn, that Steve went to Da’Vonne requesting to be her Jason to report back to her, and a few other things that happened prior to the feeds coming up – in other words, not entirely verifiable.)

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In the midst of this, Jace berated Steve, telling him that everyone in the house hates him, makes fun of him and calls him names such as Geek Squad McGee (which is a totally fabricated name). Jace’s barrage of insults included telling Steve that he was a terrible person, that everyone makes fun of him when he leaves the room, that he is a giant joke to everyone in the house, and that the houseguests have been, “using you like a piece of tackle on the end of a fishing line. Hook, line and sinker.”

During the course of this verbal assault, Jace asked Steve questions such as, “Do you want America to think you are a p*ssy?” and “Are you that f*cking stupid?” He also told Steve that he knows that he has been bullied before, and claims that he too had been bullied in the past. At the end of all of this, Jace threatens that Steve better keep his mouth shut because he will know if he does not. Steve agrees that he will keep this between the two of them; and so far it appears that he has. Jace, on the other hand, has told Austin and Vanessa a very watered down version of the event, stating that he does feel bad but felt he had no choice.

“I thought you were my friend, Steve.” Well, probably not anymore, Jace!

Jokes aside, there is no way for anyone to watch what happened to Steve that night and think it was okay. What unfolded brings into question, once again, how far is too far when it comes to the social experiment that is Big Brother. While it was very difficult to just sit back and watch a seemingly good, genuine person (who is just a bit awkward, different and quirky) be bullied, it is real life. There are people like Steve all over the world who are put in positions where they are preyed upon by people who know that they will not and/or cannot push back. Jace would have never pulled that on anyone else in that house. There is literally no one else in that house he could have gotten away with that with; and he knows it!

In the end, that altercation garnered Steve even more fans than he had before. Many are proud of how well he withstood the onslaught of verbal abuse. He will have an abundance of love showered upon him by his many adoring fans when he emerges from the house – which many hope will be a long, long time from now.

Besides, everyone knows who the real winner this week is, not only for winning the Power of Veto competition with the word Trombonists, but also, this happened:

Introducing, Stefan!
Introducing, Stefan!

As for Jace, tonight is the eviction ceremony and most likely (but who really knows with this crazy season), he will see himself booted from the Big Brother Kingdom. One can only speculate the response that will await him, but he should not expect throngs of admirers throwing roses at his feet.

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