Big Brother 20 America’s Favorite Houseguest: Who is Getting Your Vote [POLL]

Currently, Big Brother fans can cast their vote for their favorite player. This player doesn’t have to be the best game player, the most likable, or the most strategic. It just has to be your favorite players for whatever reason. Per usual, the fans of certain players have been campaigning for days to ensure that their favorite receives $25,000.

Big Brother 20 America's Favorite Houseguest

It also comes down to the casuals vs the internet audience, and Level 6 vs the Hive. Most of the season, the Hive fans have been trying to get Haleigh Broucher to win America’s Favorite Houseguest. They tried, like the Hive, to get all “stans” to vote for Haleigh instead of their favorites. Meanwhile, Level 6 fans have just been voting for Brett Robinson, Kaycee Clark, Angela Rummans, and Tyler Crispen. The third party voters seems to be voting for a Sam Bledsoe win.

Vegas4sure, the Big Brother spoiler site, revealed a few days ago that the official poll results showed Tyler winning by a lot followed by Kaycee, Brett, Sam, and then Haleigh a distant fifth, with Angela very close to taking that spot. This seemed to push many Hive fans/Haleigh fans to go even harder for their girl. It’s not surprising that Level 6 dominated the top three spots as they have been winning most popularity polls. Then yesterday, Vegas4sure posted about slight changes. Haleigh jumped up to fourth, Sam dropped to fifth, and Brett and Kaycee switched places.

Big Brother 20 America's Favorite Player

We were surprised to learn that Sam was beating Angela and Haleigh in the voting. Sam was clearly the fan favorite going into the season, winning the first Power App, but has since been painted a little crazy on the show. This all goes to show that you can never really predict where these Big Brother votes will go.

So who are you vote for as America’s Favorite Houseguest? Let us know by voting in our poll and commenting below.

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