Why Tyler Crispen Deserves to Win Big Brother 20

Tyler Crispen started the game as the narrator, mastermind, and lead actor of Big Brother 20. The more the season progressed the more other characters emerged, but Tyler remained as the key figure in the game. He manipulated and outwitted the Hive side, while keeping Level 6 in control, in power, and focused. He was the catalyst for most of the early evictions and some of the crazier moments, especially involving Kaitlyn Herman.

Big Brother 20 Tyler Crispen

Tyler was the leader of Level 6 and the reason that the alliance got so much credit for playing a good game. He won all the competitions that Level 6 needed to stay safe and influence the game. With JC Mounduix‘s help, he got vital information that put Level 6 at least two steps ahead of the Hive. He was loved by many fans, production, and his fellow houseguests, Tyler was the golden boy of Big Brother 20…then he fell in love.

Tyler became a little too distracted when Angela Rummans and him fell in love. He started spending too much time in bed with her, cuddling and whispering, to fully keep control of the game. He still got his way but it was mainly due to the error of others, or Kaycee Clark winning so many vetoes that the other side couldn’t dig their way out of the mess they made. Tyler also let his emotions control him in certain decisions, which lead to very bad jury management, especially with Bayleigh Dayton, Angie “Rockstar” Lantry, Scottie Salton, and Brett Robinson. Luckily for him, Angela will get most of the blame for the general behavior that left a bad taste in so many jurror’s mouths.

Big Brother 20 Tyler Crispen and Angela Rummans

However, Angela getting the credit for “controlling” Tyler seems to be a huge flaw in his game. The first half of the game, everyone thought he was a lovesick puppy with Kaitlyn, and that she controlled him, not the other way around. The last half, people thought he was a love sick puppy with Angela, and she controlled him. Tyler looked like a toy in someone else’s game, and not the toymaker. He tried to let Scottie see that he was a mastermind, but by then, he had burned so many bridges that it was unclear if the jury members would even care whether he was the puppet or the puppet master.

Tyler will need to really sell to the jury that he was the one in the driver’s seat most of the game. He also needs to somehow rectify all the moves he made that angered people, especially those for whom he also had final two deals with, like Brett, Sam Bledsoe, and JC. One of Tyler’s biggest obstacles will be sitting next to Kaycee. In most of the juror’s eyes, the two played a similar game, Kaycee was just smart enough not to get as much blood on her hands.

Big Brother 20 KAycee Clark and Tyler Crispen

He’ll have to prove that he did more than Kaycee (which he did), and that he basically dictated the entire outcome of the season.

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