Often, prior to the start of the Big Brother season, production and a few savvy fans release some spoilers about the upcoming twists, and the latest gossip in the house. The announcement of the upcoming twists has become a part of the Big Brother preseason tradition. This makes Big Brother 20 no different from the previous ones.

Big Brother 20 Nomination and Head of Household Spoilers-Week1

Over the weekend, Carter Matt posted an interview with Julie Chen. In it, she teased a few things about Big Brother 20, like that this season plans to honor the 19 that came before it.

Julie said:

And, because of it being the 20th anniversary, we’re going to see houseguests from all 19 previous seasons throughout the season, and memorable moments from past seasons will be folded into the show. You’ll see how.

We’re assuming this means that past Big Brother houseguests make an appearance throughout the season to host competitions and introduce twists. We also think this means that a few competitions will be some past popular competitions that we haven’t seen in awhile.

Along with those spoilers, CBS used the Hollywood Reporter to explain the social media and tech theme. Big Brother plans to introduce a “BB App Store,” which allows Twitter fans to try to get their favorite houseguests trending in order to give them game rewards or punishments.

This twist is similar to the Den of Temptation and the Care Packages. In the same article, it was revealed that there will be three competitions on premiere night that results in some punishments and rewards.

We’ll have to wait to see how the latest twists playout. However, we won’t have to wait to know who won the first Head of Household competition.

Popular Reddit spoiler user, Vegasforsure, spoiled that Tyler Crispen won the first Head of Household. In one of his preseason interviews, he claimed he wouldn’t win it unless he felt like he could be a target in the first week. We’ll have to wait for the two-night premiere to see if that’s why Tyler ultimately decided to go for the HoH.

Last night, this user also spoiled who Tyler nominated for eviction. He nominated Steve Arienta and Sam Bledsoe. Apparently, Tyler nominated these two players to go the no blood on my hands route. They were the first two eliminated during this week’s Head of Household competition.

The Power of Veto competition won’t happen until later this week, so that could change one of their fates. Additionally, the first Head of Household reign tends to last longer than normal, so Tyler could change his mind and put a replacement nominee before next Thursday.

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