Big Brother 20: Staff Draft Picks

As part of the many pre-season Big Brother 20 fun, the Big Brother Access staff conducted our first draft. We each picked three players, with a random draw falling on Danielle to pick the 16th houseguest. It went in a randomly drawn order the first round, then reversed second, and back to original order for round number 3.

We tried to stack our team with the three players we thought had the best chance to win Big Brother 20. Like with any draft, by the end, people kind of got stuck with players. However, we gave justifications for each of our picks.

Here’s our draft and what we see as their game strengths and weaknesses.

Dan L’s Picks: Team DMV

Sam Bledsoe:

Big Brother 20 Cast-Sam Bledsoe

So for the first pick of the draft I’ve got to go with Sam. I’ve watched her interviews with all venues, and I just find her energy to be infectious. She seems to relate to people very well, and just be a positive force that everyone is going to love, fans and houseguests alike. I’ll be rooting for her and I want her on my team, I hope she kicks ass!

Faysal Shafaat :

Big Brother 20 Cast-Faysal Shafaat

My next pick will be Faysal. I’m not super confident about his chances, but he does seem to be a calm person, who even if he is intimidating in terms of size, he might not come off as threatening as someone more loud and brash? I don’t see him causing any problems in the house. If he goes deep enough, he can just win a bunch of competitions and be likable enough.

Angie “Rockstar” Lantry:

Big Brother 20 Cast-Angie "Rockstar" Lantry

And my last pick is kind of a crazy, wildcard pick but when you get a vibe, you get a vibe. I’m going to pick Angie Rockstar. It was really her Ika interview that impressed me. I do think a lot of her crazy is a put on for getting on the show, and she is actually super down to earth, relatable and fun. If she doesn’t go home as an early outcast, crazier things could happen. I just like her more than I ever expected to, and I feel like she could surprise us. Plus she’s from where I’m from so that helps. 😉

Danielle Z’s Picks: Team Coast to Coast

Tyler Crispen:

Big Brother 20 Cast-Tyler Crispen

I picked Tyler for a couple of reasons: First, he reminds me of Frank, he was one of the HGs that I really didn’t like, but grew to love. Based on Tyler’s interviews, he seems to be more of a fan, so I’m hoping he’s more of a Frank/Hayden cross. He also picks Victor, Zach and Dan as three of his favorites- if he can play any sort of combination of their games, I think he’ll be great. Spoiler: It’s also rumored that Tyler won the first HOH- so hopefully that will put him in a good spot with the house and won’t ruin his game right off the top.

Angela Rummans:

Big Brother 20 Angela Rummans (Large pic version)

In her interview, Angela compares herself to Rachel Reilly. If she’s got as much competitiveness as Rachel, that may play well for her keeping herself safe, but may also make her a target. What I actually thought was interesting was that she says spearfishing and painting are hobbies- unique! I’m a creative type person, and it’s certainly an outlet I would miss if I were in the house.

Steve Arienta:

Big Brother 20 Cast-Steve Arienta

Steve’s a former detective (and immediately everyone thinks Derrick), I personally don’t think anyone will play the game like Derrick did- but I’m hoping that Steve might have some of the same skills- staying calm, being able to keep a straight face in whatever situation and drama will arise. I think if he keeps his head down and makes it through the first couple evictions he might be able to win enough to make it through.

Kaitlyn Herman:

Big Brother 20 Cast-Kaitlyn Herman

Well, sorry Kaitlyn, as the last pick, I didn’t have much of a choice. I hope your intuition and psychic powers will help you to avoid any major missteps. I think if she makes it, it’ll be as a vote. Her interviews weren’t very promising for strategy, but I guess sometimes people will surprise you!

Tamara K‘s Picks: Team Dream Crushers

Scottie :Salton:

Big Brother 20 Cast-Scottie Salton

Looking at Scottie you wouldn’t think he’s a physical threat but actually he’s very athletic. He was voted as most athletic in high school and has participated in sports his entire life. I see him doing well in the endurance and mental comps. He’s also a super fan with a vast knowledge of every season. This may help him with the possible theme of this year of bringing elements from past seasons into BB20. With Zach Rance and Chicken George being his past favorites, I think he’ll bring in some comedic relief, paired with his friendly attitude could help get him far.

Brett Robinson:

Big Brother 20 Cast-Brett Robinson

Brett appears to be very physical as well as an intelligent person which will help him in the endurance and mental competitions. I do feel with his alpha male personality, and an abundance of confidence, he might come across unappealing to the other houseguests, which could hurt him socially.

Winston Hines:

Big Brother 20 Cast-Winston Hines

Winston seems to be an all around great guy. I feel his experience in sales will help in pushing houseguests to make moves that benefit his game over their own. He seems to have all three main things needed to succeed in this game: knowledge, physicality, and very social. He also seems very confident but not cocky, which could allow him to hold a leadership role without being over controlling.

Jerrica Ts Picks: Team The Crayleighs

Rachel Swindler:

Big Brother 20 Cast-Rachel Swindler

I’m going to pick Rachel because I felt like she had a good balance of social skills, charm, and athletic prowess. I think her biggest obstacle will be if she keeps her head in game and doesn’t get distracted by a guy. I also can see her being a fan fav so she’ll get an advantage or two.

Haleigh Broucher :

Big Brother 20 Cast-Haleigh Broucher

I’m going to go with Haleigh. At first I thought she had no chance but reading some of her info, like being adopted, etc. I think she’ll be very compassionate and empathic, which will make people not want to target her. She’ll be the sweet girl that goes unnoticed for awhile. I think depending on who she is against, she could def get the likable vote in the end.

Bayleigh Dayton:

Big Brother 20 Cast-Bayleigh Dayton

Note: when making this pick, I completely forgot that she was the first person in, and therefore she has an uphill battle to beat the first one in cure.

I’m going with Bayleigh. With Ika, Bayleigh came off very fun and relatable. She had a lot more personality than I expected. however, she seems a bit clueless about the game, so I worry that will hurt her in the longterm. A lot of people think she’ll be in a showmance, and I think she’ll just be flirty with a few people, which is good, because a showmance would not be good for her game, especially if it’s with a Brett or Winston, I can see that making the couple come off as too much of a target to last too long in the game.

Nora M‘s Picks: Team SWAG

Kaycee Clark:

Big Brother 20 Cast-Kaycee Clark

Kaycee looks good to place high in B.B. 20, due to her positive outlook on life and likability overall. She’s extremely athletic which is always a plus. Her down to Earth attitude plays well in the house, along with her honesty as long as she can still play “the game.” I love the fact that she called out Paul Abrahamian, and that will go far with many in and outside the house.

JC Mounduix:

Big Brother 20 Cast-Jc Mounduix

JC could be very well liked inside the B.B. 20 house this season, as long as he doesn’t try too hard. His intentions to be loved by everyone could end up with everyone wanting him gone, and quickly. With being a pro dancer, he should do well in challenges, as long as his height doesn’t come into play. He readily admits that’s his trigger, so watch out for that temper to spark if he rubs one of the other guys in the house the wrong way.

Chris “Swaggy C” Williams:

Big Brother 20 Cast-Chris "Swaggy C" Williams
Anyone who refers to themselves as “swaggy” typically is the antithesis of Big Brother winners. Chris will definitely push away quite a few houseguests right off the bat, if he goes inside with the same attitude displayed for his promotional interview. However, he seems to be athletic, very intelligent, and has a photographic memory, which is quite helpful in certain challenges. Stranger things have happened inside the B.B. house before than Chris lasting longer than a couple of months

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