Big Brother 25 Episode 1 Recap: Premiere Night

The time has finally arrived, and the Big Brother 25 premiere is here. This is a special season for Big Brother as they celebrate their 25th season. The very first episode of BB premiered on July 5, 2000. Time has flown by, but the series remains a stronghold for CBS and Big Brother fans around the world.

Big Brother 25 Cast

Tonight on Big Brother 25, we will meet the new BB25 cast and hopefully get some insight into the new season. Based on the cast bios, this year’s participants are more diverse than ever. Kick back, relax, and let’s get to it.

Not only will we be introduced to the new cast of Big Brother 25, but we are hopeful to learn about some potential twists circulating around the BB25 world over the last few days. 16 (maybe a surprise added 17th) houseguests will descend upon the infamous Big Brother house, scratching, kicking, and clawing for the $750,000 jackpot.

As always, Julie Chen Moonves will return to help guide us through this 25th season of Big Brother. Julie may also address the possible male versus female twist that has been rumored for this season. Let’s get to know our new houseguests.

Big Brother 25 Houseguests

Blue Kim is the first to enter the house. She is 25 and from New York, NY. Next up is Red Utley from the Smokey Mountains of Eastern Tennessee, followed by Jared Fields, who is the son of infamous Survivor legend Cirie Fields. Mecole Hayes is a newlywed and political consultant from Washington, D.C.

BB25 houseguests

Next in the house is Matt Klotz, and he is a deaf Olympian from Louisiana. Izzy Gleicher is a professional Flutist from New York. Jag Baines holds three different majors with his Bachelor’s degree and is 25 from Omak, WA. Rilley Smedley is a 24-year-old bartender from Nashville, TN.

The second group of 8 Big Brother 25 houseguests is introduced, starting with Luke Valentine from Florida. He claims to be a starving artist. Felicia Cannon is 63 and a realtor from Georgia. She claims age is just a number and is a BB super fan. Hisam Goueli is a 45-year-old doctor who feels like that occupation would equal instant elimination for him, so this will be purposely kept from his castmates. Cory Wurtenberger is up next, and he is a college student from Florida.

Bowie Jane is a criminal trial attorney by day and DJ by night, hailing from Melbourne, Australia, originally. America Lopez is a first-generation American with parents from Mexico. She is a medical receptionist from NY. Cameron Hardin is a self-proclaimed country boy and veteran of the Army. He has a name for his hair which is Bertha. Last in the house is Kirsten Elwin, and she is a molecular biologist from Texas. What a cast we have in our hands this season!

BB25 cast introductions

Julie announced to the houseguests that they would have to survive a record-breaking 100 days inside the Big Brother house to claim the winning prize of $750,000. This is the longest run inside the house in the history of the show.

Big Brother 25 Multiverse

In true fashion, Julie started the season with some shocking news. Former houseguests broke into the BB25 house, and they recorded it to show the houseguests. A video was played showing BB legends Brittany, Daniele, and Frankie breaking into the house and trying to go back in time and win their seasons.

BB25 Multiverse

They activated a time laser, and things went terribly wrong. Their plan did not work, and the Big Brother multiverse was cracked open. Julie explained that they not only changed the house but they also changed the game. This has created the most unpredictable season of Big Brother ever.

Here’s what we know so far…four universes have taken over the Big Brother game, the BB Comicverse, the Humiliverse, the Scaryverse, and the Scrambleverse. At any time this season, those multiverses can switch up the game.

Welcome to the Big Brother 25 House

Once Julie explained the new multiverses, it was time to move into the Big Brother 25 house. They will move into the house in groups of 4. Once they enter, they can take a quick look around and then head to the backyard. There will be four different competitions based on the four different multiverses. Each of the four houseguests entering must choose a different competition to enter.

Felicia, Red, America, and Matt were the first to enter the house. Cory, Blue, Jared, and Izzy entered next, followed by Kirsten, Luke, Bowie, and Jag. The final four entering were Cameron, Hisam, Mecole, and Reilly. All of the houseguests have now picked one of four different competitions to begin shortly.

BB25 HOH Competition

Julie announced the Scrambleverse has switched up premiere night. This is no longer a Head of Household competition. This is now a nomination competition. The loser of each of these four competitions will be nominated for eviction and could be the first evicted houseguest from the BB25 house.

Big Brother 25 Premier Competitions

What does this mean? For the first time ever in BB history, the nominees will be named before the HOH is crowned. The first competition is from the Scrambleverse and includes America, Jared, Bowie Jane, and Mecole. This competition is called Puzzling Headlines.

The houseguests must complete a puzzle of headlines that will fit into their box perfectly. The last one to finish will be nominated for possible eviction this evening. After a stellar battle, America was the first to complete her puzzle, while Jared was the last to finish and was nominated for eviction.

The Humiliverse was up next, including Matt, Blue, Kirsten, and Hisam. Their competition was called Kicking Butt. They needed to move a lever to kick themselves in the butt 100 times. The last one to finish is up for eviction.

BB25 Multiverse

The first houseguest to finish the competition was Matt, and the last to finish was Kirsten. She was nominated for possible eviction on premiere night.

The Comicverse is the third competition to be played by Felicia, Izzy, Jag, and Cameron, and this comp is called Goo-Pocalypse. The first to detonate their goo bomb by connecting the appropriate wires will be safe from eviction. Jag was the first to win, while Felicia will be nominated for eviction.

The last competition is from the Scaryverse with Red, Corey, Luke, and Reilly. This comp is called Hold on Fright. The houseguests must hold on for dear life. The first person to be pulled away will not only be nominated but will be removed from the game for an unknown amount of time. This is real people!

BB25 scary verse

Corey was the first to let go and was pulled into the netherregion and nominated for eviction. He will join Jared, Kirsten, and Felicia for eviction this evening.

Big Brother 25 Surprise

As the houseguests enter back into the BB House, they are greeted by the 17th houseguest for the season. Not only is there an additional houseguest, but she is a Survivor legend and the mother of houseguest Jared Fields. The additional houseguest is Ciries Field. She is well known in the Survivor world as the best player of the game to never win.

That’s it for tonight, folks, and what a night it was for BB fans. This has the potential to be one of the best seasons in BB history. Only time will tell.

Join us again on Sunday, August 6 at 8 PM EST for the next episode recap of Big Brother 25.


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