Big Brother 25 Spoilers: Meet The New Houseguests!

Big Brother 25 Cast

It is Big Brother cast reveal day! It’s one of the most wonderful times of the year for Big Brother fans. It’s a day full of hope and wonder…until the Live Feeds start. We’re only a few days away from the Big Brother 25 premiere. We’ll watch the Big Brother 25 houseguests move in on Wednesday, but for now, let’s start to form our impressions from the little details that were released.

Per usual, the Big Brother 25 house is full of interesting characters. However, we shouldn’t quickly label them, because host Julie Chen-Moonves warned that these houseguests may not be easily put in a box. Will they live up to preseason expectations? 

America Lopez

Big Brother 25-America Lopez

Age: 27

Hometown: Edinburg, TX

Current City: Brooklyn, NY

Occupation: Medical Receptionist

Blue Kim

Big Brother 25-Blue Kim

Age: 25

Hometown: Riverside, CA

Current City: New York, NY

Occupation: Brand Strategist

Bowie Jane

Big Brother 25-Bowie Jane

Age: 45

Hometown: Melbourne, Australia

Current City: Los Angeles, CA

Occupation: Barrister/DJ

Cameron Hardin

Big Brother 25-Cameron Hardin

Age: 34

Hometown: Eastman, GA

Current City: Eastman, GA

Occupation: Stay-At-Home-Dad

Cory Wurtenberger

Big Brother 25-Cory Wurtenberger

Age: 21

Hometown: Weston, FL

Current City: Weston, FL

Occupation: College Student

Felicia Cannon

Big Brother 25-Felicia Cannon

Age: 63

Hometown: Tacoma, WA

Current City: Kennesaw, GA

Occupation: Real Estate Agent

Hisam Goueli

Big Brother 25-Hisam Goueli

Age: 45

Hometown: Minneapolis, MN

Current City: Seattle, WA

Occupation: Geriatric Physician

Izzy Gleicher

Big Brother 25-Izzy Gleicher

Age: 32

Hometown: New York, NY

Current City: New York, NY

Occupation: Professional Flutist

Jag Bains

Big Brother 25-Jag Bains

Age: 25

Hometown: Omak, WA

Current City: Omak, WA

Occupation: Truck Company Owner

Jared Fields

Big Brother 25-Jared Fields

Age: 25

Hometown: Norwalk, CT

Current City: Norwalk, CT

Occupation: Exterminator

Kirsten Elwin

Big Brother 25-Kristen Elwin

Age: 25

Hometown: Orlando, FL

Current City: Houston, TX

Occupation: Molecular Biologist

Luke Valentine

Big Brother 25-Luke Valentine

Age: 30

Hometown: Weston, FL

Current City: Coral Springs, FL

Occupation: Illustrator

Matt Klotz

Big Brother 25-Matt Klotz

Age: 27

Hometown: Cameron Park, CA

Current City: Baton Rouge, LA

Occupation: Deaflympics Gold Medalist

Mecoles Hayes

Big Brother 25-Mecole Hayes

Age: 30

Hometown: St Louis, MO

Current City: Upper Marlboro, MC

Occupation: Political Consultant

Red Utley

Big Brother 25-Red Utley

Age: 37

Hometown: Gatlinburg, TN

Current City: Gatlinburg, TN

Occupation: Sales

Reilly Smedley

Big Brother 25-Reilly Smedley

Age: 24

Hometown: Portland, ME

Current City: Nashville, TN

Occupation: Bartender

The cast includes some relatives of Survivor alumni. Cory is the brother of Zach Wurtenberger and Jared is the son of Cirie Fields. Matt Klotz is also the first Deaf houseguest. According to Big Brother Wiki, this is also one of the oldest cast with the average age being 32.19.

We have an interest cast for sure. What are your first impressions?

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