Big Brother 19 Episode Recap: A Houseguest Leaves Early (07/02/17)

The Big Brother 19 houseguests start to settle into their new norm on tonight’s episode. Last week, we met all the 16 new faces vying for $500,000. Before the first episode ended, one of these players was already $25,000 richer. They also released a Big Brother 18 houseguest into the Big Brother 19 game.

Big Brother 19 Alex Ow

The following episode, Cody Nickson became the first Head of Household of the season. Cody set his sights on Paul Abrahamian, via the backdoor. He then started to form a power alliance consisting of Dominique Cooper, Mark Jansen, Jessica Graf, Matthew Clines, and Christmas Abbott. He saw the rest of the house as outcasts, and people to target.

Cody started to set his plan in motion by naming Jillian Parker and Megan Lowder as his initial targets. Megan was nominated because Cody didn’t like her, and Jillian for her association with Megan.

Megan was already having a rough week. First Megan became the target of Josh Martinez‘s erratic behavior and then her nomination. Tonight’s episode shows more of her spiral downhill in the Big Brother 19 game.

We also see if Cody is really serious about targetting Paul, or if Paul can use his social game to change Cody’s mind.

Find out what else went down on Big Brother 19 by reading our recap below.


Megan tells the DR how it’s a lot being personally attacked by Josh (via their premiere night argument) and Cody (who told her he didn’t like her as his reasoning for nominating her).

Megan Lowder Big Brother 19

We get a segment on the showmances (Raven Walton and Matthew, Mark  and Elena Davies, and Jessica and Cody). Next Mark, Christmas, and Dominique have a conversation with Josh.

Mark tells him that he needs to get perspective and appreciate that he has family to come home to, because Mark lost both his parents at a young age. He gets emotional talking about it.

Jessica watches Cody and Alex Ow talk. While watching, someone suggests that she go over to break up their conversation. Then, Jessica comments that she doesn’t want to because he’s talking to Pao Pao (referring to Paola Shea from Big Brother 16). Megan mishears it and thinks Jessica called Alex a panda.

Megan feels like that’s a racial slur, so she tells Alex. Alex starts to get upset. Meanwhile, Paul overheard the conversation and told Jessica what Megan said. Jessica then went to clear things up with Alex, which lead to Alex confronting Megan in front of everyone.

Megan starts to feel overwhelmed by the situation and heads to the DR.

Big Brother 19 Megan Lowder

Hours pass…

Finally, Cody calls everyone to the living room. He then reads off a card that says that Megan has left, which means he needs to name someone else as a replacement. Cody’s alliance immediately starts talking about putting Alex up on the block. However, he does not want to do that because he respects Alex as a competitor.

Later, Big Brother tells the houseguest about the Den of Temptation. Each week, America votes one of them as the person to face a temptation that also comes with a consequence.

The Den of Temptation Paul Abrahamian Big Brother 19

Each houseguest enters the den until we eventually get to Paul, who wins the Pendant of Protection. The houseguests then learn that because someone took the power, a curse gets unleashed on the houseguests.

Before leaving the den, Paul had to randomly select a number. The person attached to the number faces the punishment.

Later, Cody and Alex have a conversation about her as a competitor. He wants them to work together but she flat out tells him that she’s coming after his side.

Big Brother 19 Nomnation Ceremony Week 1

This leaves him with one choice: Cody names Alex as his replacement nominee.

On Wednesday’s episode, the power of veto competition happens, but if you want an early spoiler..we have you covered.

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