Big Brother 19 Spoilers: Ring of Replacement Used-Was it the Right Move?

During Big Brother 19, the Den of Temptation was opened for roughly three weeks. Due to Jessica Graf taking the Halting Hex, the Temptation Competition took its spot as part of the summer of temptation. So far the Temptation Competition has saved Mark Jansen and recently Cody Nickson from impending Big Brother doom.

The Pendant of Protection helps Paul Abrahamian stay safe for three Big Brother 19 weeks. This also helped him gain the upperhand for the last six weeks. Last week, the Halting Hex kept Jessica and Cody safe from eviction.

The only power that was left in the game was the Ring of Replacement. Christmas Abbott won this power during the second week of the game. This power granted her the ability to take someone’s spot in any Power of Veto competition played during the season.

This week, Elena Davies and Jessica are the main targets. Christmas had been advocating to get Elena out the game over Jessica. Paul really wants Jessica gone. Paul wanted to ensure that Jessica left by lowering her chances of winning this week’s Power of Veto.

If Cody was selected to play in the Power of Veto competition, Paul insisted that Christmas finally use her Ring of Replacement to take his Veto spot. Both Christmas and Head of Household Josh Martinez weren’t sure about Paul’s play. They both thought it was better to use it down the road. Additionally, Josh and Christmas wanted Elena out the game more than Jessica, so why work so hard to screw over Jessica’s game?

After all three players went back and forth, Christmas finally decided to use the Ring of Replacement when Cody did, indeed, get selected to play in this week’s Veto competition.

Did Christmas make the right Big Brother 19 move by using it this week?

The pros of Christmas using it this week is that it shows Paul that he can trust her, and by approximation, Raven Walton, Alex Ow, and Matt Clines. That gives her some points with people who were starting to get annoyed with her in the game.

Now to the cons…

First, Christmas created some distrust between herself and Josh. Josh was completely team Christmas, even more so than team Paul. With Christmas using the Ring of Replacement, after he fought hard for her not to use it, it has to make Josh wonder if he can even trust Christmas anymore.

Secondly, this Big Brother house is not afraid to get people out through the backdoor. When Christmas’ number gets called for eviction, the houseguests may attempt it through a backdoor. Now she eliminate any safety net to stop that from happening.

Big Brother 19 Jessica Graf and Christmas Abbott

The final con is that Jessica actually liked Christmas, and wanted to work with her in the Big Brother 19 game. Of all the houseguests, Cody and Jessica felt like the could potentially work with Kevin Schlehuber, Elena, possibly Mark Jansen, and Christmas. Now Jessica and Cody want nothing to do with Christmas both personally and game-wise.

Christmas lost two potential allies, or at least two potential votes if she made it to the end of the Big Brother 19 game.

Christmas’ decision might end up not cause that much of a wave for her game, but it seems (at the moment) to have caused unnecessary damage to it. We’ll have to see how this decision plays out this week for Christmas.

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