Big Brother 15 Bonus Clip: Showmance Alert! Aaryn and David Flirt

Big Brother 2013 Aaryn and DavidBig Brother 2013 is the season for showmances apparently. Just in the Big Brother 15 premiere alone, there were so many flirts and “they are so hot” comments going around, we couldn’t even keep track. We’re already seen several HouseGuests making moves and there is even a rumor two of them have already hooked up! (Although we didn’t personally see the alleged makeout session.)

Of course, the fact that the Big Brother 15 cast is mostly made up of a slew of young, supposedly single people means there is plenty of potential for showmances. We also don’t doubt that CBS “encouraged” all the HGs to talk about and explore (cough, cough) all the romantic possibilities for good camera fodder.

One pair of HouseGuests CBS might like us to believe has bit of a thing going on are golden-haired Aaryn and lifeguard/surfer David. In this bonus clip from Big Brother 15 week 1, Aaryn and David have a bit of a flirtation going on. Aaryn tells David he should be a Ralph Lauren model, which makes us laugh because… no. David, in turn, calls Aaryn the “diamond” of the Big Brother house.

Honestly though, we kind of feel like they were mostly just playing it up for the cameras and Aaryn isn’t really interested in David… but you never know…

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