Big Brother 15 Spoilers: Week 1 Nominations — Who’s Up For Eviction?

Big Brother 2013 Memory WallThe Big Brother 2013 season is already moving at race car speed! After the premiere on Wednesday night, events were quickly rushed along from naming the first Head of Household for the season to the first Big Brother 15 nominations late last night.

Just a note on Big Brother spoilers and how they work here at before we proceed. If something has already happened and been featured on the CBS Big Brother show, we don’t consider that a spoiler as long as it is past the west coast airing time.

So be warned, if CBS Big Brother has played on the west coast already, it is no longer a spoiler to us and we will talk about it openly. Like the fact that McCrae Olson won the first Head of Household competition and gets to choose two of the eviction nominees this week. (The third will be named by the new Big Brother MVP.)

However, if we know something that has not yet aired on the CBS Big Brother show on the west coast, we will label it as a spoilers (except for our live recaps, which should be obvious). Thus, anything that happens on the Big Brother Live Feeds is automatically consider a spoiler until it airs on the CBS show on the west coast. Such as, for example, the week 1 nominations we’ve already found out from the feeds and we’re about to dish out to you now.

So who are the first Big Brother 2013 cast members in danger of being evicted from the house this week? Well, we kind of expected one of them but were a bit surprised by the second choice. If you’re read for the Big Brother 15 spoilers about the week 1 nominations, just click on the plus sign below the SPOILER ALERT below to unveil the names of the nominees!

[spoiler name=”Spoiler Alert: Week 8 Eviction Nominations”]

Candice (we kind of expected this one, she just seemed expendable)

We’re feeling that Candice could end up going home since she doesn’t even seem to be fighting very hard to stay yet. Of course, a lot depends on who the MVP will nominated for the third spot and who wins the Power of Veto.

Plus, there are also a lot of convoluted plots already going around. Kaitlin told Jessie that McCrae isn’t targeting her at all and may be after Elissa instead with the hopes of getting her put on the block after the POV as a replacement nomination.


The HouseGuests appear to believe that the Power of Veto Competition will take place tomorrow, which would be a change from last year, when it usually happened on Friday or Saturday. We’ll keep you up to date on all the latest Big Brother spoilers as soon as we have them!

What do you think about the nominations this week? Do you think McCrae made the right choices for who to put up for eviction?

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