Big Brother 14 Spoilers: Live Feeds Week 4 Monday Morning Report

Wow. What a difference a day can make in the Big Brother 14 house! After the Power of Veto Competition, it seemed crystal clear who would be going home this week and the majority of the houseguests were behind the plan. Now it appears in our Big Brother 14 spoilers from the Big Brother live feeds that the majority of houseguests may have totally flipped on who will be evicted on Big Brother 14 this week!


This post contains Big Brother 14 spoilers from the Big Brother live feeds from Saturday, August 5. Please stop reading here if you do not want to know what happened!

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We continue from where we left off Sunday afternoon as the plot to flip the house to move from evicting Frank Eudy to blindsiding and backdooring Janelle Pierzina continues…

 6:10 PM BBT

Janelle Pierzina talks to Britney Haynes in the hammock outside. Janelle says she thinks Boogie will work with them next week. Britney asks if Mike ‘Boogie’ Malin will really work with them if Frank Eudy is evicted. Janelle says Boogie is in love with Frank. And he’s in love with Dr. Will Kirby too.

Janelle worries that Danielle Murphree is spending too much time with Boogie and Frank. Britney says not to worry, that Danielle is totally solid. Janelle keeps pushing that the coaches need to band together and stick with each other. She says there is no way a veteran will win unless three of them get in the Jury House because none of the newbies will vote for a veteran to win. Janelle is oblivious that Britney has been neck deep in discussions to backdoor her (lots on this from our earlier Big Brother live feeds recap).

6:40 PM BBT

The houseguests are put on lockdown.

7:25 PM BBT

Frank and Boogie dish more on the ‘backdoor Janelle’ plan. Frank thinks Shane Meaney and Danielle are far easier to persuade to their side than Dan Gheesling and Britney. Boogie says they need to push that if Janelle stays in the game, it will be a four versus four house and Boogie could do anything.

7:30 PM BBT

Danielle and Britney talk in the bathroom and at this point it seems firm on Frank being the one evicted. Britney is worried that Boogie will spin an attempt to backdoor Janelle into it being their idea and then they will end up as Janelle’s targets.

7:35 PM BBT

Mike Boogie talks to his former team player Jenn Arroyo. The mysterious Jenn appears! Jenn says she was put out when Boogie and Frank had discussed trading her to another team. He says Janelle, Wil, and Joe just like to stir up trouble. He says he didn’t have to coach her because she was doing everything right. No one thinks she is a threat, everyone likes her, and she’s not anyone’s target.

Over to Shane and Danielle in the backyard and she is obessing over him once again. She prods him to tell her if he likes Ashley Iocco, and he says she is too hippie and not his type.

8:00 PM BBT

Boogie and Frank are just boggled at why they can’t get Dan Gheesling on board with their plan to backdoor Janelle.  Frank and Boogie bash Janelle for losing her edge, being horrible, spreading lies and that she and her allies cannot be trusted in any way. Frank slams Chef Joe Arvin for going to the bathroom and then cooking without washing his hands. (FINALLY someone noticed! He’s been doing that since the beginning. Gross. I would NEVER eat at any restaurant he owned or want to have anything to do with his cooking brand with that kind of ignorance of basic hygeiene. Gross!) Boogie is disgusted and says Joe needs to stop cooking.

Boogie thinks it is stupid how the others are not even worrying about Joe, Wil, and Ashley and that they are going to get blindsided by them at some point. Boogie says they are all f**king sheep and following Dan, who is afraid to go after Janelle. Frank says if he is evicted, he’ll go home, smoke a joint, screw a bunch of chicks, enjoy the fame and have an awesome summer.

9:20 PM BBT

Ian is trying to convince Dan that Janelle is way more important to get evicted than Frank. He says she is a favorite to win Head of Household and she will put up Shane if she does, putting their numbers in danger. He says if Frank or Boogie wins Head of Household, they would put up Wil and Joe. Dan wants to know how Ian can trust Boogie. Ian says he understands how Boogie plays and that he never turned his back on his partner Dr. Will Kirby. He says Frank is his new Will. Ian pushes that he really knows what Boogie will do and evicting Frank is the wrong move.

9:45 PM BBT

Dan and Frank talk and Frank says he gets it why it is hard to trust him. He says he will put up Joe and Wil if he wins the next HoH and that he has not blocked out Ian or Jenn as future targets. Franks pushes the idea of him, Dan and Boogie as a final three deal. Dan thinks taking out Janelle this early is just too aggressive of a move and dangerous.

10:00 PM BBT

Frank and Boogie talk again. Frank tells Boogie about his conversation with Dan. Boogie says he is going to talk to Dan again and put out the idea that if Frank goes, he can have Ashley, Joe, Wil, Jenn, and Ian all going after Head of Household and all of them focusing on Shane and Dan as the major threats. Boogie will also push that if two of Dan’s allies go up on the block, they will be screwed.

10:08 PM BBT

Boogie goes after Dan to try to secure his group into the ‘backdoor Janelle’ plan. Boogie gives a huge pitch about Dan getting on board with Boogie and Frank. Boogie says he may sound like he is begging, but he really thinks it is the best move for the three of them. He says it is time to evict the queen bee in week f**king one of the reset. Dan says he is worried the newbies will team against the vets. Boogie pushes that if one of Janelle’s peopel wins it will be Boogie, Dan, or Shane going out. Boogie gives some not so subtle threats that if Frank is evicted, he might go against Dan and his crew.

10:25 PM BBT

Janelle, Boogie, Dan, and Britney are in the Head of Household. Janelle remains oblivious to the backdoor agenda going on all around her. Janelle and Britney solicit Boogie to join them. Boogie says Frank is against Wil at the eviction so there isn’t a lot he can do. Boogie wants to know why Frank is the primary target and not Wil. Boogie puts out that they could vote out Wil and then he could talk alliance. Janelle says Wil will go next week, but Boogie isn’t buying it. He says he will not get behind any plan that includes evicting Frank.

Dan wants to know if there is anything that can be done to mend fences between Janelle and Boogie. Boogie says no. Boogie says this whole coaches alliance thing is no good because no one is willing to ditch their primary newbie ally. Boogie suggests putting Joe up on the block. The whole four coaches getting together alliance thing is clearly not working.

Janelle and Britney leave and Dan says well, there goes that. He asks if Boogie is ready to just f**king roll. Boogie says hell yeah. Boogie asks if Dan is ready to blindside Janelle right out the door. Dan finally says yes and he’ll sell it to his allies.

11:00 PM BBT

Danielle and Dan are hammering out the final plan. Dan says they have to make a decision. Danielle says Janelle is a liar. Dan says if they risk going with Boogie’s plan and it falls through, Danielle is probably still safe. If they go with Janelle, however, and it doesn’t work — both Dan and Danielle could be in danger. Britney comes in and the three of them hash out all the conversations with Boogie and decide in this instance the wisest course may be to roll with Boogie. Shane joins in and they go over everything with him.

11:20 PM BBT

Dan says the decision has to be made. He asks for roll call. Ian wants Janelle out. Shane is either way. Britney is either way. Danielle wants Janelle out. Dan wants Janelle out. Britney says it is decided. Janelle will be the one to be evicted. Dan says he will make it official and tell Boogie the plan. He does not want people knowing about their alliance, however, so they will take Wil Heuser off the block instead of Frank and replace him with Janelle. The votes will be: Dan, Britney, Shane, Boogie, and Ian to evict Janelle. That’s five votes to four. Britney says she is still split, but she will jump on board the train. Dan goes off to tell Boogie.

11:30 PM BBT

The backdoor of Janelle is actualized as Dan tells Boogie and Frank that it has been agreed to save Frank and blindside Janelle as the replacement nominee to be evicted. Frank says he will no t forget this.

11:35 PM BBT

The mega alliance meets in the Head of Household room — Dan, Danielle, Frank, Britney, Ian, Shane — and  try to come up with an alliance name. Janelle knocks on the door, but everyone hides and won’t answer it and let her in. She’s been wandering around wondering where everyone is. Britney says she wants this alliance to be so solid they go up to the next Head of Household and just tell them to put up Ashley and Joe next week and they will be safe.

They finally decide their alliance name will be the Silent Six and Dan gives them a code.

12:20 AM BBT

Britney cries that she has been lying so hard to Janelle. Danielle says she has been bullied her whole life and Janelle is just a big bully. She says Janelle walks all over Britney. Britney knows Janelle would do the same thing to her without blinking or even caring. Danielle says Janelle is a bitch with no heart. Janelle comes up to the Head of Household room and Britney flees into the bathroom.

12:30 AM BBT

Janelle wants to know from Dan what is going on with everyone. Dan says people have been talking about why keeping Frank might be good. Janelle goes on about how dangerous Frank and Boogie are.

Janelle goes down to talk to Wil. Wil thinks Danielle will stick with her plan (the one they know about) and Frank will go home. Janelle thinks Frank is going to go home and Danielle won’t change her mind. (Janelle is clueless…) Janelle says Danielle is not going to come after her or Wil. Then she kind of says, well maybe she might come after her. (Oh yeah, she is.) Chef Joe comes out and wants to know if there is anything going on. Janelle says she thinks they are all safe and fine.

1:25 AM BBT

Janelle is still clueless as she talks to Britney. She says Boogie is stupid for wanting to keep Frank over making a smart game move. Britney keeps lying through her teeth about future plans with Janelle. Britney goes to the Diary Room. Dan comes in and Janelle complains about Boogie more. He also keeps lying through his teeth.

2:15 AM BBT

Danielle seeks reassurance from Dan again that they have made the right decision to backdoor Janelle. Dan says yes, he has finally decided it is the best move. Dan goes to bed. Britney comes in and Danielle bitches about Janelle saying she wasn’t smart and that she is just as smart as Janelle. Danielle worries the viewers will hate them for evicting Janelle and Britney says they will hate both of them because Janelle is the most beloved Big Brother player ever.

3:15 AM BBT

Shane wants to call out Janelle on her lies and on telling people she would put up Shane next week. Danielle says Janelle has named them ‘Shanielle’. Danielle keeps repeating ‘showmance’ although it it still painfully obvious how not into her Shane is. Still, he gives her a back massage to keep her happy because he knows where his bread is buttered… for now.

4:00 AM BBT

Wil, Ashley and Jenn talk in the backyard. Ashley is concerned she might be the next target. Jenn doesn’t think so because they will know after the vote that Ashley is not with Janelle. They think Joe will be the next under the gun. They decide the three of them will be ‘Team Tits’ and use ‘tits’ as their codeword for needing a private talk. Jenn confesses she was in a huge band that sold over a million records She says she’s friends with Kelly Osbourne. Ashley and Wil are suitably impressed.

Finally, eventually, everyone goes the hell to bed. What a huge day in the Big Brother 14 house!

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