Big Brother 14 Spoilers: State of the Game Report – Saturday, Week 9

As we eagerly await the Big Brother 14 week 9 Power of Veto Competition results coming up later today, the houseguests continue to busily manipulate to each other, lie through their teeth, and speculate on scenarious about what will happen depending on who wins the challenge.


This post contains Big Brother 14 spoilers from the Big Brother live feeds that have NOT aired on the CBS Big Brother 14 show yet. Please stop reading here if you do not want to know what happened!

In the very early morning hours yesterday, Dan tells Danielle they have to convince Shane to volunteer to go up on the eviction block as a ‘pawn’ against Jenn Arroyo in the nominations. If he then wins Power of Veto, Dan says she needs to convince him not to use it or she will be put on the block. Danielle says Shane would never do that! (More the fool he is if he wouldn’t.)

Around 1:35 AM BBT, Dan tells Ian the nominations need to be Jenn and Shane. Ian says he agrees and that is who he will put up.

A bit later, when they are talking about outside (and Ian is getting in his hammock swinging), they discuss how Frank was not gracious when he left the house — he only hugged Jenn and practically ran out the door. (Missing an awesome opportunity to betray Dan to the whole house about their final 2 deal and how he betrayed the Quack Pack to save himself.)

In the Shoe Room, Danielle snuggles on Shane in bed while he kind of lays there like a limp fish. She says she is afraid that she will be put on the block with him and he’ll win the Big Brother Power of Veto and she’ll end up alone on the block. Shane tells her if he wins PoV, he’ll use it on her because he owes her one. (Well, he does, for letting her think he likes her much more than he’s told other people he does, but I’m not sure I believe him.) Like everyone else, they think it will be the face morph Power of Veto this time.

Danielle talks about Dan getting rough with Ian when she was on the block. She says he grabbed him and told him he would cut him if he voted Danielle out. (I did not see this and can’t find it, but others have blogged that he grabbed Ian quite roughly by the neck.) They discuss how they have to get Ian out before the final HoH questions competition.

When the houseguests all finally wake up after a late night, game talk is pretty slow for a while. The housguests are put on outdoor lock down in the morning while Big Brother 14 sets up a Pandora’s Box for Ian. Ian says he is not opening that s**t! Ian says unless he is going to get Kristen Bitting or a huge chunk of cash, he is not opening that. Well, unless it is a celebrity, then he would open it for the others to get to meet them. He says he doesn’t mind being locked down outside since the houseguests don’t pin him down to game talk and he’s tired of it. One more eviciton, he tells Shane, and Big Brother 14 host Julie Chen can say hello to the Quack Pack!

When they are allowed back in the house, the houseguests find the big kitchen table has been replaced with the small table. Ian is called to the Diary Room and everyone thinks he has a Pandora’s Box when he comes out and then heads up to the Head of Household room. But he tells them not really, he was just fooling.

Around 11:55 PM BBT, Danielle tells Dan that Shane is suddenly smothering her and following her around everywhere. (Of course he is, he is desperate to make sure he has your vote at all times with this few people left.) Dan really hopes they can get him out.

The Big Brother 14 live feeds go dark around 12:35 PM BBT and stay down for quite some time…

When the feeds come back on, we find out that Ian did finally really get a Pandora’s Box. Apparently Ian decided to open it regardless of all that he said earlier about not doing it. As his ‘prize’ he had to listen to a message from Rachel Reilly, while the other houseguests all got messages from their loved ones. Ian says “f**k you Rachel.”

Dan thanks Ian a lot for opening Pandora’s Box so that he got to get a video message from his wife. He said it has never been done before on Big Brother for houseguests to get video messages.

Big Brother is playing random bits of trivia over the speakers. Dan tells Ian that the same thing happened during his season, but it didn’t mean anything. He says they should make sure everyone else thinks it is for a competition.

Danielle cannot stop talking to various people about how Frank Eudy sayd she was his Big Brother crush of the season. She is just glowing that someone may have said she was hot. She talks to Jenn about it, she talks to Ian about it. Yeah. Danielle.

In the late afternoon, the Big Brother 14 live feeds go to trivia gain for the Nominations Ceremony. When they come back on, we learn that Ian has stuck to the plan and nominated Shane and Jenn. Shane thinks Jenn is the target, Jenn thinks she is not the target (but is very worried that is not true).

Dan is still talking with Danielle about how they have to keep Jenn calm and with them to go to the final three. That being the best scenario for him to win, of course. Danielle is mad that Jenn snapped at her after the Nominations Ceremony when Danielle tried to say she was sorry Jenn was on the block.

Shane quite hilariously calls Danielle a “fat bastard” while they are ‘play fighting’ and I just laugh. They get quite rough actually. It’s a bit of domestic violence on Danielle’s part… I don’t blame Shane for pretending to suffocate her with a pillow…

Danielle reassures Jenn again that she has her vote and she will make sure Dan keeps her safe too. (Like she has any control over him.)

In an interesting bit of trivia (because game talk is very slow), Dan asks Shane and Ian in the HoH room around 11:50 PM BBT whether they thought cheated when he allegedly palmed the housguests’ choice chip during a redraw for veto players. Ian says production heard Frank talk about it. Ian says he called Frank an “inbred cow f**ker when he fought with him.” That’s funny.

Later, Danielle complains again to Jenn about how Shane is all over her, but won’t get intimate with her. She says he will only hold hands with her during the live show and won’t kiss her at all. She says (ding, ding, ding) that Shane is just using her and faking a showmance to get ahead in the game. She says she keeps pushing him to kiss her and he won’t. Danielle says she will keep pretending she is naive about him treating her like crap. Dan comes in and says Shane just doesn’t like her that way and is not treating her well. (He’s pushing that wedge.)

Danielle goes to lay on Shane’s bed and he won’t lay in the bed with her. He says he doesn’t want to kick her in his sleep. Danielle bitches. Shane relents and comes to the bed with her. She bitches about how he made comments earlier that made her feel fat. She fishes for compliments and he tells her she is pretty. (Barf.) She continues to bitch.

Finally everyone shuts up and goes to sleep. And more sleep. And more sleep. Pretty much until quite late in the morning. Everyone has been studying the photos on the memory wall in case it is the face morphing Power of Veto Competition. Shane seems to be the only one not studying.

Finally around 1:45 PM BBT, the Big Brother 14 live feeds go to trivia, which means the Power of Veto Competition is on!

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