Big Brother 14 Spoilers: Live Feed Recap – Sunday, Week 4

When we last left our scheming Big Brother 14 hamsters, the house was in the middle of a crazy possible vote flip starting to happen. Will the plan to totally switch up who will be going home this week actually happen? The plotting continued on Sunday and right now it looks like the next few days in the Big Brother 14 house leading up to the live eviction could turn out to be very, very interesting indeed…


This post contains Big Brother 14 spoilers from the Big Brother live feeds from Sunday, August 5. Please stop reading here if you do not want to know what happened!

Please note that RealNetworks Superpass is having some issues with the live feeds Flashback feature. Instead of always showing BBT time, it is showing local time to some viewers. So convert your local time to Pacific time when you Flashback, or you can set your computer clock to PT time to make things easier.


10:00 AM BBT

Always early riser Mike ‘Boogie’ Malin goes out to the backyard to check on his former team player Ian Terry. Right now Ian is dressed up like a dog and has to stay outside in his dog house unless led around on a leash by another player — a ‘punishment’ he won in the Power of veto Competition. Boogie asks Ian if he needs to be ‘led’ to the bathroom, but Ian says he is fine.

After going to make coffee, Boogie comes back out to talk to Ian and former teammate Frank Eudy comes out to join them. He is wearing his shiny purple ‘spiritard’ and looking ridiculous. They talk about how they  need to work to keep Frank in the game. They go to the coaches to talk, but Ian isn’t allowed to sit on the coach. Ian is enjoying being a dog too much. Boogie is all into his plan to turn the house to evict Janelle Pierzina.

A bit later, Boogie works on Dan Gheesling to bring him around to the idea of keeping Frank and getting rid of Janelle. Boogie says Janelle cannot be trusted. Dan doesn’t say much. He is just obviously not sold on this whole idea. Janelle comes to join them and they stop talking.

11:20 AM BBT

After talking about how he just doesn’t think he’s up to walking Ian around on a leash like a dog, Frank talks about how he doesn’t want to work out because his ‘spirtard’ is ripped and his junk will hang out.

12:00 PM BBT

Around noonish the Big Brother 14 houseguests start stripping off their clothes to lay out by the pool and get some sun. The Big Brother camera pervs have lots of fun slowly panning over all that flesh. You can too if you like using the Flashback feature on the Big Brother live feeds. If you don’t have them yet, you can check out a three day free trial anytime. (And help support this site if you like them!)

12:30 PM BBT

Head of Household and Power of Veto holder Danielle Murphree is up in the HoH room talking to her (for now) boy toy Shane Meaney. Shane talks to Danielle about Mike ‘Boogie’ and his evict Janelle plan. Shane says Boogie wants to talk to them later and he’s going to work on Dan since he’s still not on board with the plan. Danielle tells Shane that Dan thinks she is playing too personally and not enough strategically. Shane gloats about how they are so powerful and stuff. It’s not attractive.

1:00 Britney and Frank talk about eliminated houseguest JoJo Spatafora and some kind of wet dream Frank had. He disgustingly talks about masturbastion. Really, does your family watch you on these Big Brother live feeds?

2:00 PM BBT

Britney Haynes and Janelle Pierzina are working out and showing their asses to the camera in the living room. Britney tells Janelle that Boogie has approached her with a plan to work with them. Janelle says they need to get Boogie out before jury because he will only vote for a guy to win. Janelle thinks they can only trust Dan for a couple of weeks at most.

2:30 PM BBT

Somewhere around here Britney starts talking about being afraid when she was young that people wouldn’t want to have sex with her because her pubic hair was black. Seriously. These people talk about the most f**ked up s**t in the Big Brother house live on camera.

3:00 PM BBT

Deep discussion is happening between Britney, Dan, and Danielle. Danielle  is concerned that Janelle is acting strangely. Britney shrugs it off. Britney tells them that they need to target Frank and not go after Janelle. Dan wants to know why Britney has decided it needs to be Frank to be evicted. She says she is trying to think logically. Frank has been put on the block three times already and not evicted.

Britney says that if Frank goes home, Boogie plans to work with Wil and he might work with Janelle, which would be a problem. But Frank and Boogie together are just too untrustworthy. Britney says she thinks Janelle wants to get rid of Shane. (That is not a good way to convince Danielle not to target her.) Danielle wonders if they should put up Boogie, but Dan says no because Boogie would get voted out instead of Frank. Dan is still all about evicting Frank and thinks if Frank is gone, they may be able to pull Boogie into an alliance with their side.

Britney leaves and they immediately start talking about her. Dan says Britney changers her mind every minute. Shane joins Dan and Danielle. They tell him Britney now wants Frank to be evicted. Danielle again wonders why Janelle is ignoring her and acting weird. Shane wants to know why Britney changed her mind about evicting Frank. Dan says Britney is going to try to find out if Boogie will come over to their side if Frank is out, but that Boogie cannot be trusted.

Dan mentions again that Janelle has never targetted them, but Shane notes Janelle has never had any opportunity to do so yet.

3:20 PM BBT

Boogie comes in to talk and Dan says he’s just not really into the idea of an aggressive move against Janelle. Boogie is pissy and says Janelle is a liar and so untrustworthy. Boogie slams Dan for wanting to get rid of Frank when he could be such a valuable asset to him. Dan says he is still considering the options. Boogie offers a possible 6 alliance with him, Frank and them. Boogie talks about how much he hates Janelle and would never work with her.

Boogie puts out the idea of putting up Janelle against Frank (taking Wil Heuser off the block). The idea rings nicely with everyone, mostly. Dan is still not quite on board. Boogie says he will target Joe and Wil if Janelle is evicted. Boogie says they should offer to take Wil off the block if he will vote against Janelle. Boogie goes on and on. He says they have to get Janelle out before Jury House or she’ll poison it against anyone who votes her out.

3:57 PM BBT

Boogie has left and it’s Dan, Shane, and Danielle in the HoH room. Dan says he thinks they will have Boogie whether or not they vote out Frank. Danielle worries that if Janelle goes to Jury House, she will never vote for her. Britney says Boogie will be totally evil in the Jury House and bribe for the vote to go how he wants with jobs, vacations and money.

Dan and Britney are targetted to get Frank evicted at this point. Danielle is still leaning toward evicting Janelle. After talking around and around, Danielle finally declares she is just going to keep the nominations the same (Frank and Wil) and not use the Power of Veto. Dan says if that is what she decides, they need to be clear and honest with Boogie if they hope to have any chance of working with him.

4:00 PM BBT

Mike Boogie is in the backyard talking to the cameras. He speculates on scenarios and wonders if he should target the other coaches and ‘take the newbies for a ride.’ Without Britney and Dane, he thinks he could have Shane, Danielle and Frank. He says if he loses Frank, he can make Ian his new toy. If he can get out Janelle and Joe, he could bond with Wil, Dan, and Danielle and get out Shane… get Britney to fourth again and dump her. Arrogant a bit?

4:40 PM BBT

Britney and Dan are talking game in the bathroom and they are both agreed that Frank should be the eviction target. They think Janelle will keep them safe for a while at least. They discuss how to tell Boogie without making an immediate enemy out of them. Dan thinks they should tell Boogie Frank is going but they still want to work with him.

5:10 PM BBT

Dan is now talking to Janelle and she is telling him Ian has a final two deal with Boogie, according to Ashley Iocco. Janelle says Boogie is not very good at the game. Dan says Frank is his new Dr. Will Kirby. Janelle says Frank is the alpha male and a lot better at the game than Boogie is. Dan wonders if the vote will be close, but Janelle says no because Joe hates Frank. She wants to know what Jenn Arroyo thinks, but Dan says he doesn’t talk game with the new players because they gossip too much. Janelle bashes Boogie some more.

5:15 PM BBT

Ian tells Britney that Boogie will go after Janelle if Frank stays but he doesn’t know if Frank leaves. He thinks Joe and Janelle are Boogie’s biggest targets. Ian says Boogie thinks he is still all about the team. Ian thinks they need to vote someone from Janelle’s team out. Britney says the target now is to get out Frank. Ian is not pleased about this.

5:25 PM BBT

Frank and Boogie talk more about trying to get Janelle put up for eviction. Boogie says it’s a risky move for them because if he wins Head of Household next week, he will totally send one of the four home — Britney, Shane, Danielle or Dan. Hopefully, he says, it will be Dan. Boogie thinks Dan plays too safe. Then he does some Janelle bashing for good measure.

5:30 PM BBT

Britney tells Danielle about talking to Ian and him not being happy about Frank going up because Ian doesn’t think Boogie or Frank would ever put him up. Britney thinks Janelle will target Shane next if she wins Head of Household.

5:50 PM BBT

Frank tells Britney and Danielle he will be okay with staying on the block if they put up Janelle if they will trust him. Danielle says she likes the idea but has to talk to Dan and Shane. Britney says it is hard to trust Frank because he told Wil Heuser he was going to target Shane if he won Head of Household. Frank says he needed Wil’s vote and was just lying. He says Janelle is the real bitch. He begs them to target her for eviction. Britney says she will talk to Boogie and Danielle.

That’s a wrap for this segment of our live feeds recap for Sunday. We’ll bring you the overnight report shortly!

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