Big Brother After Dark Moves From Showtime to TVGN — Is It Being Censored?

Big Brother After DarkThe Big Brother 2013 season brings a lot of big changes for the long-running CBS hit reality show. The Big Brother 15 cast will be in the house for 90 days this summer ever and with 16 HouseGuests, this season ties the record for the most HouseGuests ever on the show. There are also all several huge twists this year revolving around the introduction of the Big Brother Most Valuable Player.

Two of the biggest changes, however, actually have to do with the non-CBS coverage of Big Brother 15. First it was announced that the Big Brother Live Feeds would be moved from RealNetworks SuperPass to the website this year (more details on that still pending). Now we’ve found out that Big Brother After Dark will also be moving — from premium channel Showtime to free cable channel TVGN.

Never heard of TVGN? Well, we wouldn’t blame you. TVGN is the reincarnation of the former TV Guide Network. If you’ve ever actually watched TVGN, it’s mostly a lot of old movies, television and random entertainment tidbits. Before now, there has never really been all that much reason to tune in to TVGN, which is probably why CBS (which now co-owns TVGN) decided to dump Big Brother After Dark on it.

The biggest downsides of Big Brother After Dark moving to TVGN from Showtime? Well, first it is only two hours instead of three. The second problem is that there appears to be a time delay and liberal censorship. Foul language and inappropriate remarks appear to be being bleeped out. And we’re betting it’s highly unlikely we’ll be seeing any accidental naughty bits broadcast from the Big Brother 15 house during BBAD in the future. Not at all like Showtime, where pretty much anything goes.

Big Brother After Dark will air for two hours, seven nights a week on TVGN from 12:00 to 2:00 AM live ET/delayed PT for 13 weeks.

Head over to TVGN to find out if you get the channel in your area and will be able to tune in to Big Brother After Dark this season.

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