Big Brother After Dark Censorship Continues: But Now You Have Three Hours of It

By: on July 18, 2013 |

Big Brother After Dark on TVGN will be adding a third hour to the program on Friday, which is kind of too little, too late in our book to make most fans happy. It’s something at least but we are still going to b*tch loudly that BBAD on Showtime was three hours every single night, not just on one night a week. Oh, and TVGN will also be showing reruns of CBS Big Brother 15 episodes already aired this season. Because the Big Brother Live Feeds, the CBS prime time shows, and BBAD are apparently not enough.

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Big Brother 2013 Schedule — Big Brother 15 Schedule Update!

By: on July 2, 2013 |

Wondering what the Big Brother 2013 schedule is for events leading up to the Big Brother 15 premiere on June 26th and beyond? Well, buckle your seatbelts Big Brother fans, the race is on to a whole new season of our very favorite crazy reality TV competition!

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Big Brother After Dark Moves From Showtime to TVGN — Is It Being Censored?

By: on June 27, 2013 |

The Big Brother 2013 season brings a lot of big changes for the long-running CBS hit reality show. The Big Brother 15 cast will be in the house for 90 days this summer ever and with 16 HouseGuests, this season ties the record for the most HouseGuests ever on the showJulie Chen. There are all several huge twists this year revolving around the introduction of the Big Brother Most Valuable Player.

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Big Brother After Dark Censored on TVGN?

By: on June 27, 2013 |

For Big Brother 2013, CBS announced that the popular uncensored live show Big Brother After Dark would be moving from Showtime to TVGN. Fan reactions so far have not been altogether positive, with many complaining they don’t have access to the TVGN channel, and others worried about censorship with the show’s move from premium to basic cable.

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Big Brother 15 Spoilers: Showmances For Big Brother 2013 Cast? (VIDEO)

By: on June 17, 2013 |

It happens every season on Big Brother and now we have a Big Brother 15 promo talking about the showmances on Big Brother and we need to prepare ourselves for that this summer on Big Brother 2013! With the twist from host Julie Chen, will the showmances factor into things as much this season? And if it is family members competing on Big Brother 15, then we definitely shouldn’t expect showmances, right???

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Big Brother Spoilers: Big Brother 15 Promo — Coming Sooner Than You Think

By: on June 14, 2013 |

CBS has made one thing very clear to us about the Big Brother 15 premiere: it is starting earlier than normal and we should all be excited to get Big Brother 2013 back into our lives earlier than normal. We have some new Big Brother spoilers, as CBS has released a new Big Brother 15 promo video and it is all about the new season coming sooner than you think. We think it comes on June 26th, which you have been drilling in our head CBS!

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Big Brother 2013: Best Must Have Big Brother Apps!

By: on June 12, 2013 |

With just two weeks in between us and the Big Brother 2013 premiere, it is time to start preparing yourself for the new season and how you will be watching Big Brother 15. You can keep up with everything BB15 with the Big Brother live feeds early bird special going on, but there are also mobile apps available to keep up-to-date on everything happening in the Big Brother 15 house!

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Big Brother News: Watch All of Big Brother 14 While You Wait For BB15!

By: on June 11, 2013 |

While we are beyond excited for the Big Brother 15 premiere in about two weeks, that is still way too much time for us to get through with no Big Brother 2013 in our lives! How can we solve this problem? Let’s take this time to take a look back at Big Brother 14! CBS has videos available to watch all […]

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Big Brother Spoilers: Big Brother 15 Promo — 100 Days of Summer?

By: on June 3, 2013 |

We already know from Big Brother 15 spoilers that this season of our favorite reality TV competition will begin several weeks earlier than usual. Big Brother 2013 will also reportedly have the largest number of HouseGuests in the history of the show. Now we have a new CBS Big Brother 15 promo that is seemingly promising this may also be the longest season ever as well.

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