Big Brother After Dark Censorship Continues: But Now You Have Three Hours of It

Big Brother After DarkBig Brother After Dark on TVGN will be adding a third hour to the program on Friday, which is kind of too little, too late in our book to make most fans happy. It’s something at least but we are still going to b*tch loudly that BBAD on Showtime was three hours every single night, not just on one night a week. Oh, and TVGN will also be showing reruns of CBS Big Brother 15 episodes already aired this season. Because the Big Brother Live Feeds, the CBS prime time shows, and BBAD are apparently not enough.

Sadly, the third hour added to Big Brother After Dark on TVGN for Friday evenings is not likely to really please viewers who have been extremely displeased with the move of BBAD from Showtime to TVGN. Since the show started airing on the channel newly owned by CBS, there have been no end of complaints about the constant censorship on Big Brother After Dark. (Just check out the ongoing, seriously pissed comments on our previous article here.)

The audio feed is endlessly interrupted by bleeping out of cuss words and we’ve yet to see one naughty wardrobe malfunction or questionably sexual action happen on the show thanks to a censorship delay. At times it is like nails on a chalkboard listening to all that bleeping. Plus, a lot of times you can barely even hear what the HouseGuests are saying at all. The audio quality is often just terrible and we can hear stuff like whispering, etc. better on the Feeds.

All this despite assurances pre-season from a rep for TVGN that nothing at all about Big Brother After Dark would change because of the move and that there would be no censorship, just like it was on Showtime. That turned out to be a huge load of BS.

Many longtime fans of the three-hour, semi-live viewing party inside the house have already abandoned the show — despite it being on a free channel this season instead of a premium. They just couldn’t handle the blatant Big Brother After Dark censorship of language and actions inside the house. For others, they never got to tune in at all because TVGN just wasn’t available through their television provider. There were a lot of fans that were left out because of that.

For us, we’d rather watch the same action on the Big Brother Live Feeds where everything really is live and uncensored with no bleeps or blurs. Especially considering it cost us less to sign up for three months of feeds than three months of Showtime anyway and we get 24/7 entertainment instead of just a few hours a night.

Some have complained that moving and mutilating Big Brother After Dark was a ploy to push people to sign up for the Live Feeds now that they are hosted directly by CBS instead of RealNetworks SuperPass. We have no idea if that ran through any heads in production or not. If CBS had really wanted to make a fatter dime off of the Live Feeds, they wouldn’t have cut down the cost for them by a huge amount this season when most of us would have kept paying the same amount as before.

We think CBS really was trying to give people a reason to watch their newly purchased TVGN network because there is literally nothing else on there to watch except old reruns and a low-budget revival of some soap opera. Oh, and now, reruns of Big Brother 15. They’ll be playing a marathon of all the episodes so far starting on Friday, July 19 (tomorrow).

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