We’ve been waiting all week to find out who got evicted on Big Brother tonight! When you find yourself addicted to a show like Big Brother 2013, you just can’t help but get a little thrill out of anticipating what’s going to happen in the next stage of the game. With the Big Brother 15 eviction results almost boringly predictable this week, we’ve just been kind of impatiently chewing our nails until the live eviction on Thursday.

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Now the eviction is finally here and we want to know for sure who was eliminated from the Big Brother 15 cast in week 3 and find out who will rule as the new Head of Household! Enough of all the ‘nice’ HoH Helen and having the whole house aligned with the same goal. Bring back the strife, the catfights, the betrayals, and the drama! Well, without all the racist remarks please, those we can do without.

On Big Brother tonight, the biggest question isn’t really who was evicted but who will be the leading force in the house for week 4. While we never mind a great twist to throw a crazy wrench into things, at this point it seems nearly impossible for eviction nominee Jeremy to pull off a last minute coup and save himself from going home this week. Stranger things have happened, so we aren’t counting on anything until the last vote is tallied but right now, we’re more amped up over finding out who is going to win the next HoH.

According to CBS, the Big Brother 15 Head of Household Competition this week will be a “who do viewers think is most likely to” question and answer game, not an endurance competition as the HouseGuests suspect. We were really kind of hoping for an endurance comp at this stage but this should be a fun challenge as well. There won’t be an advantage for the tiny players who are usually good at endurance or the larger players who excel at strength or speed-based competitions. This one will basically just require a little bit of brains and some good reasoning. So pretty much anyone at all could win except outgoing HoH Helen.

Ready to find out who got evicted on Big Brother 15 tonight and who will reign as the next Head of Household for week 4? Our live Big Brother recap of the week 3 CBS eviction results show starts right here at 9 PM ET! Stay tuned!

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After a brief review of the last episode, we have the post-Veto Ceremony tears over Kaitlin using the Power of Veto to save herself, resulting in Jeremy being put up as the replacement nominee. Helen is so excited she is about to spontaneously burst into flame.

Aaryn bitches at Jeremy that she hates people who hate people who are good at things and are “cute.” She’s pissed and she wants him to try to make a big move to try to stay in the house. Jeremy says he is not lying there dead yet. He says in the Diary Room that if he wants to stay, he is going to have to show his softer side.

7-18-2013 06-10-29 PMJeremy decides he is going to do this by dressing up in a giant baby costume and dancing for the other HouseGuests. He goes after McCrae, Amanda and Judd in the backyard to try to work them for votes. They are all like, yeah, we hear you… but they aren’t committing to anything. Amanda says in the Diary Room that when she saw him, she thought Jeremy either “wants to breast feed or campaign” and covers her boobs with a fake scared look.

Aaryn talks about how she needs to change the way other people think of her in the house if she wants to survive much longer. So she starts being adorable and cute around the other HouseGuests. She even attempts to apologize to Howard, saying she hasn’t ever meant to make any derogatory comments. Then she tells Judd after three days of this crap that someone should acknowledge her for being awesome.

7-18-2013 06-15-34 PMWe have a flash back to GinaMarie being crazy with crying over Nick leaving. The other HouseGuests talk about how she has totally lost her mind, keeping a shrine of things he has touched like an empty ceral box. A bunch of them decide to take her shrine items and hide them around the house. Amanda runs off to steal everything and hide it. When GM finds the stuff gone, she totally flips out. She goes after Aaryn and is nearly in tears because she can’t find Nick’s cup. She looks like a total disaster. She starts bawling and Amanda goes and tells her they were just joking and she is sorry.

Aaryn is pissed that Amanda was nice to GM and helped her get her stuff back. Aaryn is like, why can’t we ever have any fun? Amanda thinks Aaryn is acting like an a** and McCrae says she really needs to go.

Jeremy is in full campaign mode now and he’s after Elissa and Helen. He tells them that if they will save him, he will be their total slave boy and do anything they wanted. He says he would never vote against them or put them up unless they were in the final three together. He says that if he had to put Kaitlin and Aaryn up instead of Helen and Aaryn, he would do it.

7-18-2013 06-18-37 PMHelen says that if she were to consider this, Jeremy would have to change completely and not be an a** in the house anymore. She says that if he stayed, he would have to make it his mission to protect them. Jeremy says he has grown so much and that he has a lot of immaturity but the arrogance is gone and he would totally show them he would give them the rest of his game.

Helen says in the Diary Room it is hard to deny a deal with someone who could possibly win a lot of competitions for her and her allies. Helen and Elissa tell Jeremy they like this humble version of him much better.

Back from break and we have a bit with McCrae and Amanda’s families about their showmance. Amanda’s mom hopes McCrae is secretly the CEO of a software company or something and not really a pizza delivery guy.

The HouseGuests are gathered in the living room as host Julie Chen teases the live eviction to come and hints that America will soon have ‘more power than ever before.’ After another break, Julie calls up the eviction nominees to give their final speech. Jeremy goes up first and he says there is no mystery about what is about to happen and despite his upcoming eviction, he is a champion when he eats, sleeps and “poops.”

Aaryn goes up next and gives a shout out to all his friends and family for their support. She says she will be thankful if she stays but appreciate everyone if she doesn’t. Spencer is last and he gives a shout out to his Railroad employer/union (who at last report was allegedly investigating how to fire him over his offensive remarks on the show) and his girlfriend.

7-18-2013 06-39-54 PMFinally, it’s time for the live vote! Here are how the votes went down:

Candice votes to evict Jeremy
Andy votes to evict Jeremy
Howard votes to evict Jeremy
Elissa votes to evict Jeremy
Kaitlin votes to evict Spencer
GinaMarie votes to evict Jeremy
Amanda votes to evict Jeremy (after squealing at Jeremy a bit)
McCrae votes to evict Jeremy (for eating the last pizza in the house)
Jessie votes to evict Jeremy
Judd votes to evict Jeremy

Jeremy has been evicted from the Big Brother 15 house with a vote of 9 to 1. At least he knows his house girlfriend voted to keep him, even if no one else did, not even former ally GinaMarie. Hugging all around and he gives a hug and a kiss to his “princess” Kaitlin and promises he will see her when he gets out. She takes it a whole hell of a lot better than GinaMarie took Nick’s eviction when his Memory Wall photo fades to black and white.

In his exit interview, Julie tells Jeremy that from the minute he stepped in the house he was cocky. Jeremy says everyone told him to calm down, don’t win stuff right away, etc. But he says he is a winner and he couldn’t help himself. Julie says well, you just lost. Jeremy says he walked out with his head high. He didn’t throw any competitions, he played hard and yes, he should have been more humble. He says because of Kaitlin, he walked in one guy and walked out another.

7-18-2013 06-45-06 PMJeremy says the person he was in the house is not really who he is in the real world. Yes, he’s very stern but he is not a bully even if he kind of comes across that way because he is so “intimidating” and has “an amazing profile” (and sort of laughs). Jeremy says there is a lot he needs to work on… except physically of course. He means on the inside.

Now it’s time for the goodbye messages. McCrae says Jeremy got too arrogant, inconsiderate and didn’t think about anyone but himself. So that’s why he had to break up the Moving Company. Elissa is like, bye bitch (not really but it comes across that way). Helen says it is too bad Jeremy didn’t show his nice personality earlier or he wouldn’t be out there. Kaitlin says Jeremy is her best friend and it breaks her heart how it all went down. But she is not going to be sad because she can’t wait to see him again. Jeremy says he fell hard for Kaitlin and he hopes there will be a relationship to continue.

7-18-2013 06-59-46 PMBefore we go to a break, Julie Chen says that this week, America will not vote for the Most Valuable Player… they will BE the Most Valuable Player. The viewers will get to vote directly who will be the third person nominated for the block. This is a very interesting twist… especially if production doesn’t TELL the HouseGuests that the MVP is no longer among them. Imagine the feelings of betrayal if they think it is Elissa or one of her crowd and they put up… oh, Helen for example. Drama!

Next up is the new Head of Household Competition and the HouseGuests will have to answer questions. Get one wrong and you’re out. Here we go with everyone except outgoing HoH Helen in the game…

Round 1: Everyone is right
Round 2: Elissa, Amanda, Andy, and Candice are out.
Round 3: Everyone left is correct.
Round 4: GinaMarie, Aaryn, and Jessie are out.
Round 5: Spencer and Howard are out.
Round 6: Tiebreaker… Judd is the closest to the number and he wins!

Judd is the new Head of Household for week 4! Julie says he will be putting up two people for eviction and a secret MVP will put up the third. However, she says they should be prepared to “expect the unexpected…” as her little hint that it won’t be the usual MVP nomination.

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