Big Brother 15 Cast 2Wondering who went home on Big Brother tonight in week 3? Well, we have to say it wasn’t much of a surprise this time around, as our Big Brother 15 spoilers from Thursday night’s eviction reveal. We always love those shocking, last minute vote flips and crazy twists that shake things up but this week the person who was evicted on Big Brother 2013 didn’t really come as a shock. We’ve been hearing the death knell for this HouseGuest ever since Helen won the Head of Household Competition.

The minute Helen stepped into the Head of Household room and took power for the week, it seemed pretty much a given who would be voted off in the live Big Brother eviction results tonight. Helen and Elissa are super tight with their Mom Squad alliance going strong for now. Elissa was nearly guaranteed to win the Big Brother Most Valuable Player again for week 3. This meant, of course, that not only would Helen have the HoH power to wield but she would have the MVP nomination pick in her pocket as well.


Pretty much everything went as Helen and her allies planned this week, with only one minor exception that was easily dealt with. After winning HoH, Helen nominated Aaryn and Kaitlin for eviction. Neither of them was her real target. Instead, she spearheaded a plan to backdoor Jeremy onto the block as a replacement nominee, so he wouldn’t get the chance to play for the Power of Veto. After Elissa did indeed win the MVP again, she put up Spencer as the third nominee — despite heated attempts from Amanda to get her to put up Howard.

7-15-2013 03-25-03 PMThere could not have been a better time to backdoor Jeremy because no matter who was randomly selected as a PoV player, the only eligible person in the house that might not use the PoV to take someone off the block was Kaitlin. When the Power of Veto Competition went down, Kaitlin of course won, proving that Murphy’s Law is strongly in action inside the Big Brother 15 house. There was a small possibility that she might decide to turn martyr and not save herself from eviction. However, Helen and everyone else voting against Jeremy made sure to threaten Kaitlin that they would turn against her instead if she thwarted their plan. Not willing to take the risk, Kaitlin took herself off the block.

With Kaitlin’s PoV used, Helen put up Jeremy as the replacement nominee. From there, it was kind of a boring roll downhill to the live CBS Big Brother 15 eviction on Thursday night. We knew it would be Jeremy who went home on Big Brother tonight and no amount of suspenseful editing from the producers was going to change that fact.

Here are how the votes went down during the live eviction on Thursday night:

Candice votes to evict Jeremy
Andy votes to evict Jeremy
Howard votes to evict Jeremy
Elissa votes to evict Jeremy
Kaitlin votes to evict Spencer
GinaMarie votes to evict Jeremy
Amanda votes to evict Jeremy (after squealing at Jeremy a bit)
McCrae votes to evict Jeremy (for eating the last pizza in the house)
Jessie votes to evict Jeremy
Judd votes to evict Jeremy

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Here’s pretty much what Helen and her allies were feeling after the eviction:

big brother 15 gifs 10

Who will go home on Big Brother 2013 next week? Well, that all depends on who the new Head of Household decides to nominate. Big Brother Live Feeds watchers will find out who will go up on the block on Friday, way before it airs on the CBS Big Brother 15 show. Check out a two day free trial and get in on all the spoilers yourself!


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