Big Brother 15 Spoilers: Elissa Slater Threatens to Leave Show!

8-16-2013-09-57-07-AMTalk about sour grapes! Big Brother 15 cast member Elissa Slater, sister of infamous former show winner Rachel Reilly, has threatened to leave the show entirely if she is evicted this week. If the HouseGuests vote her out, Elissa has been saying on the 2013 Big Brother Live Feeds, she will skip the Jury House and go straight home.

Elissa Slater threatening not to go to Jury if evicted is just a plain slap in the face to everyone who voted for her to be Most Valuable Player for three weeks in a row. Of course, she really didn’t deserve to win the MVP power in the first place just because she was Rachel Reilly’s sister — but that’s all water under the bridge. Saying she isn’t willing to deal with the consequences of getting voted out and sit on the Jury isn’t just a middle finger to the other HouseGuests, it’s one to all Big Brother 15 fans. Plus, if Rachel does this, she will forfeit any chance at winning the America’s Favorite $25k prize — basically saying she has way too much money to even care about that.

Thousands of people struggle and fight to be on Big Brother every year and Elissa Slater never even had to audition. CBS production just invited her to join the season because of her relationship with former winner Rachel. Spencer Clawson even noted on the Big Brother Live Feeds that Elissa wasn’t even sequestered in the same hotel with the rest of the HouseGuests before they went into the house. Obviously she’s gotten special treatment right from the start and America just kept giving it to her with three weeks of being MVP.

Once Elissa’s power was removed, however, her value inside the Big Brother house tanked. The only person she is close to is Helen and she’s even pretty much blown up that relationship at this point. Elissa has made no major alliances on her own. Since she stopped being MVP, she’s made no major (or even minor) game moves of any kind. She just does yoga, talks smack about people and constantly refers to how rich she and her husband are.

8-16-2013-09-58-02-AMAt this point, even Helen has given up on Elissa after she insanely insulated GinaMarie Zimmerman and Aaryn Gries right before this week’s Head of Household Competition (which Aaryn won) by saying she didn’t want to sit next to their disgusting a**es. Who does that when an HoH Competition is about to happen and your butt could be the next in line for eviction? Helen is now basically crying over Elissa because she believes she will be evicted this week and decide to go home instead of Jury. This would seriously suck for Helen too, because if she made it to the finale, she would be counting on Elissa’s vote. So that would be a really rude f**k you from Elissa to Helen as well. (Of course, how much of Helen’s crying is real and how much is fake for game play is debatable.)

Elissa’s sister, Rachel Reilly, posted on Twitter that she wouldn’t actually leave the show, she’s just “upset about missing her sons first day of school & misses fam&friends she’s stuck with bad ppl.” Even if Elissa never meant it, saying it is just idiotic and makes her look like a b*tch.

Honestly, we’d love for Elissa to walk herself right out the door, eviction or no eviction. We were willing to give her the benefit of the doubt at the start of the season. She could have proven she was something more than ‘Rachel’s Shadow’ as Jessie called her repeatedly. She never did and she’s whined about being judged for being Rachel’s sister all season long. Well then honey, you never should have come on the show, because you had to know that was going to happen — especially since you look so much alike you could be bloody twins.

What do you think about Elissa threatening not to go to Jury if she is evicted this week? Do you think CBS should just let her do exactly that if it happens? What would you want production to do with her vote if she did go home? Just eliminate it, or let America vote in her place?


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