Big Brother 15 Spoilers: Week 8 Thursday Evening Live Feeds

On Big Brother 15, Aaryn Gries is back in power again for the fourth time as the new Head of Household for week 8. Her current allies, Amanda Zuckerman and McCrae Olson are both extremely happy and paranoid about this turn of events because Aaryn can be unpredictable. They think she is solid with their plan for the eviction this week but worry about what might happen at the Power of Veto Competition.


Meanwhile, Helen Kim and Elissa Slater are scrambling because they think Aaryn is targeting Elissa this week and going to try to get her out. That’s not actually the real plan though. Helen is being manipulated all to hell by McCranda but she doesn’t know it yet. She also remains unaware that Andy, who she thinks is one of her closest allies, is actually more loyal to McCranda than to her. Elissa, meanwhile, is up to her neck in sh*t after saying something stupid about GinaMarie Zimmerman and Aaryn at the HoH Competition— and she’s threatening to skip Jury House and go home if she is evicted this week!

SPOILER ALERT! Warning! The following report contains Big Brother spoilers on game play, alliances, competition results and more from the Big Brother Live Feeds. Please click away now if you don’t want this information!

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Big Brother 15 Live Feeds: Thursday Night Week 8 Live Feeds Highlights

7:03 PM BBT: The Live Feeds return after the eviction show. Jessie has been evicted and Aaryn is the new Head of Household. Amanda is completely distraught over losing yet another competition. McCrae is upset because he says he threw the competition and now he is afraid he will be put up. Amanda says they just have to trust Aaryn is solid with them. He says he trusts no one except Amanda.

Aaryn, elsewhere, says that she really tried to throw the HoH challenge to Amanda (they went head to head in the last round). But Amanda was so slow, she had to buzz in and take it.

Big-Brother-15-Amanda-Zucke7:07 PM BBT: Amanda is so upset not to have won and not to get the HoH room and photos of her family that she goes into the pantry and starts crying behind a trash can. Yes, really. This is an even weirder crying session than when former Big Brother winner Rachel Reilly hid in the bushes to cry.

7:10 PM BBT: GinaMarie and Aaryn are pissed off at Elissa because she did not want to sit with them at the Head of Household competition. Aaryn says that Elissa said she didn’t want to sit next to them because they are disgustting freaks. GM says why? Because we don’t have money? Aaryn says no. It’s because they aren’t politically correct all the time. GM says if you don’t like it, step the f**k aside. Aaryn says Elissa’s comment made her want to cry. Meanwhile, Elissa is telling Andy and Helen how much she totally hates GinaMarie. Helen leaves that discussion and joins Aaryn and GinaMarie.

8-16-2013-09-49-24-AMHelen then proceeds to stroke Aaryn’s ego big time. She says he won fair and square and she should be happy. She tells her how excellent her game is. She compares her AGAIN to Janelle and says if she was watching the show she would f**king love Aaryn. STFU Helen. Helen leaves. Amanda comes in and asks what everyone is fighting about and that she heard someone’s attitude sucks balls. Aaryn and GinaMarie talk about what Elissa said. Amanda says well, that makes nominations easy, just put up Elissa and Helen. Amanda complains about sucking at competitions and having to see Aaryn’s f**king clownie doll again in the HoH room.

7:20 PM BBT: McCrae steps in it big time when he pisses Amanda off by asking why she can’t seem to win any competitions. He tries to make up for it by comforting her in the Have Not room but if we were him, we’d be fleeing the other direction at a rapid pace. Amanda is angry because she says she has been making all the decisions in the house but Aaryn has been carrying them out. So now she thinks Aaryn is going to win by playing her strategies. Then, of course, she talks about how she plans to use Aaryn to nominate Elissa and Helen, tell Helen that Elissa is the target, and then evict Helen. (What happened to the backdoor Helen plan?

8-16-2013-09-50-53-AM7:30 PM BBT: Aaryn tells McCrae and Amanda that she was planning to put up Spencer and Elissa but wanted to talk to him and Amanda first. McCrae says it is better to put up Elissa and Helen in case Helen wins the PoV and takes Elissa down if she’s not up against her. Aaryn says that is a better plan and she will tell Helen that her target is Elissa. She says she will tell Helen she is going to put her up so Helen won’t have to vote against Elissa and get blood on her hands. She’ll blame it on Elissa treating her like garbage. If one of them comes down, she’ll put up Spencer.

Amanda joins them and they all agree on the plan. They hope next week to use Spencer to take out Elissa. Amanda warns Aaryn that Helen and Elissa will tell her Amanda and McCrae want to backdoor her but that of course isn’t true. Amanda pumps Aaryn’s ego by saying she is going to win this f**king game and it is annoying. Aaryn says no, Amanda is the mastermind. Andy comes in and joins and they all talk about the plan and reconfirm. Andy says even if he wins PoV, he will stick with the plan. Andy says he gets the feeling from Diary Room that production wants their alliance to make a big move. Feeds cut out, naturally.

8-16-2013-09-52-06-AM8:05 PM BBT: Andy is displeased with Big Brother host Julie Chen’s jab at the HouseGuests by asking the Twitter question about when they were going to actually start making some big moves in the house. Amanda says hey, getting Judd out was a big move! Amanda tells Andy he should tell Spencer that Elissa and Helen wanted him and GM to go up but McCrae and Amanda persuaded Aaryn to put up Helen and Elissa. Andy says to watch out for the GM and Spencer alliance because it would suck if she went home because of that. Andy says Jessie was telling the truth about Helen all week and Helen was lying that she wasn’t in on the evict Amanda plan. Amanda says she knows and she told Jessie that before she was evicted. Andy says he did too.

9:00 PM BBT: Spencer says that he hopes Jessie gets pregnant with Judd’s baby in the Jury House. We think Judd is more likely to bang Candice than Jessie. Spencer says he hates have to be politically correct and that it f**ks up real conversation because you can’t talk about real stuff without being afraid you’ll offend someone. Andy says that people who are offended can go f**k themselves, life is too short. Spencer says people who are easily offended are p*ssies. (We wonder what his offended employer will think of that remark, since they are this close to firing his a** already.)

8-16-2013-09-53-55-AM9:35 PM BBT: Aaryn asks if McCrae threw the HoH Competition and he says no. She says he thought he did. GinaMarie says to look at his smirk and says don’t lie dude! He still says no. GM says he can’t lie and Amanda is way better at lying. Aaryn says Amanda told her to give it to her and she tried and she waited and waited but then she had to punch in. Amanda relates that she said she threw the Head of Household Competition in the Diary Room and production told her “no you didn’t.” So if Amanda was trying to make herself look better on camera for the CBS show, she just got a smackdown. Apparently Elissa has been threatening that she will leave the game if she gets evicted instead of going to Jury. Amanda says if they go to Jury, they need to make Elissa’s life hell so she will leave.

9:50 PM BBT: Helen tells McCrae that she thinks Aaryn will put her up on the block and tell her she is a pawn. Helen is now working to make sure neither her or Elissa goes home this week. Helen says she thinks Aaryn wants to get out Elissa though because of what she said before the HoH Competition. McCrae pretends he is scared that Aaryn will put him and Elissa up together so Amanda will have to vote out Elissa.

8-16-2013-09-54-56-AM9:55 PM BBT: Helen tells McCrae and Andy that the Diary Room is asking why Spencer chose the pair he did to go head to head in the HoH Competition (McCrae and GM). She thinks Spencer is working with Aaryn. She says he got flustered when Elissa confronted him about what he did in the HoH. McCrae plays along with her worries. Andy and him try to sell her on a Spencer/Aaryn/GinaMarie alliance. Elissa says Aaryn just has a lot of good luck and Adderall. McCrae says Amanda is also on Adderall and she f**king blew.”

10:20 PM BBT: Aaryn gets her Head of Household room yet again. She’s won four times now and had three HoH room stints. (She didn’t get the room for the brief double eviction win.)

10:35 PM BBT: Aaryn tells Spencer he is totally safe. He leaves. Aaryn tells GinaMarie that she wants Elissa to go over Helen but she plans to put them both up.

8-16-2013-09-56-37-AM10:40 PM BBT: Helen campaigns for Elissa, trying to get the target off her back for this week’s eviction. Helen needs to be worrying more about herself right now. GinaMarie and Aaryn are all not taking it because they are pissed off at Elissa. GM also trashes Elissa for talking about how rich she is. She says she has never said anything bad about Elissa and now Elissa is attacking her and saying she’s poor and smells bad. “What is this? The 1940’s and I can’t sit next to black people at the back of the bus?” This goes on for a while. They are joined by some of the other HGs and it just continues.

11:30 PM BBT: Helen tells Elissa that GinaMarie and Aaryn are pissed at her for not wanting to sit with them at the HoH Competition after they kept her safe. She says Elissa may be going up for eviction. Helen still seems to believe she is not the real target this week. Elissa says she was just having a bad day. Helen says Jessie killed her with Aaryn so she will have to be on the down low and be careful with Aaryn. Elissa says again that if she is evicted this week, she will not go to Jury and she will go home.

8-16-2013-09-58-02-AM11:55 PM BBT: Helen cries about not being able to protect Elissa anymore. McCrae tells her that production will convince Elissa not to go home because she won’t be able to win the America’s Favorite $25,000 if she does. Amanda says she thinks the 25k should go to someone who really fought to be on the show. Spencer says that Elissa wasn’t even sequestered with them in the hotel. Naturally, feeds cut out.

12:10 AM BBT: Aaryn says the whole thing with Helen and Elissa is really sad. McCrae says it is f**king heartbreaking and he kind of hopes Helen wins the Veto so they have an excuse to send Elissa packing. Aaryn says yeah but what if it is just all game play? That scares her. He says him too. Aaryn goes back upstairs. Amanda and Spencer join McCrae. She says she doesn’t feel bad for Helen and Elissa at all. McCrae says he does. Spencer says if Helen leaves this week, Elissa will have a breakdown and go nuts. Then they all start making rude jokes about farting and stuff. Spencer says it is a huge slap in the face to people who want to be on the show that Elissa is threatening to leave and not go to Jury.

8-16-2013-10-01-20-AM1:25 AM BBT: McCrae tells Helen that he will totally keep her over Spencer and that she is on their side. He says that Elissa threatening to leave is a big f**k you to everyone that has tried out for the show, voted for her to be MVP or protected her in the game. He says if she goes up, she has to win the Veto and take herself down. She says well, I guess Elissa is going to go home.

1:30 AM BBT: Amanda talks about how Andy likes to be “backdoored” and Aaryn says yeah, let’s “backdoor” Andy! They talk about Helen crying over Elissa. Amanda talks about being ballsy. Aaryn says yeah, that’s because you suck McCrae’s balls. Amanda says, well, it works. Aaryn jokes that she should put up Andy and McCrae just to make them know what it feels like. Amanda says Andy would run away crying and McCrae would be like, what just happened?

1:45 AM BBT: McCrae wants to freak out Elissa to distract her before the Power of Veto Competition so hopefully she doesn’t win. McCrae wants to pick out a player to convince to take the luxury prizes if it is a luxury comp so everyone else can just focus on winning the Veto. Spencer says he would be willing to do that. (Of course, he knows he isn’t going to win this thing, he wants the prizes!) Amanda says no.

8-16-2013-10-02-28-AM2:20 AM BBT: Aaryn is practicing what she will say for her nomination speech on Monday. Amanda jokingly suggests that she say she’s putting up Helen because she is a racist. Before that, while Aaryn was out of the room, Amanda was watching her on the spy screen and said she loves Aaryn’s “racist a**.”

3:00 AM BBT: GinaMarie and Aaryn talk smack about Spencer and how they don’t trust him at all. Aaryn talks about how McCrae was mean and said that Amanda can’t win anything. They trash talk Elissa a lot. Finally, everyone wanders off to bed.

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