Who Got Voted Off Big Brother Last Night in Week 7?

Who was evicted on Big Brother last night was anything but exciting, we’re sorry to say. Since Andy put up his Head of Household nominations last Friday, it’s been fairly obvious which HouseGuest would be the one who was voted off Big Brother this week. We do have to say they gave it all they had to try to stay in the house though — even going all Evel Dick on the house! Want to know who was voted off Big Brother last night? Keep on reading for our spoilers on the eviction results from week 7!

Big Brother 15 eviction Spencer Clawson and Jessie Kowalski

When a day full of insults and mean behavior failed to impress the house, the doomed player tried apologizing and sucking up to everyone they could instead. That didn’t work either. Then they moved on to flat out begging and promising their first born children if they could be saved. No one was listening. Shortly before the eviction show tonight, Andy broke down in tears over what was going to happen — but everyone else seems pretty damned happy about who got voted off Big Brother tonight.

We were really, really hoping this week was going to end with an epic backdoor eviction, hopefully with Amanda as the target. It could have been done, if Helen Kim had gone through with the plan and managed to convince Andy Herren to join up. Unfortunately, Andy is far more in Amanda Zuckerman and McCrae Olson‘s back pocket than Helen’s and he probably would not have turned, which convinced Helen not to go after the idea. Amanda and McCrae might have made their own bold move and gone after Andy to backdoor Helen but they decided it wasn’t the right time yet and Andy was kind of trying to get them to avoid nuking his ally on the other side of the house.

So, in the end, we blame Andy as Head of Household, Power of Veto Winner and a ninja double-dealer on both sides of the house for the boring and predictable Big Brother 15 eviction results tonight. Damn you Andy! (We still like you anyway though but do what the evictee tonight told you and don’t be boring and predictable any more!)

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Here are the results of the live vote:

Amanda: Vote to evict Jessie
McCrae: Vote to evict Jessie
Aaryn: Vote to evict Jessie
Helen: Vote to evict Jessie
GinaMarie: Vote to evict Jessie
Elissa: Vote to evict Jessie

With a vote of six to zero, Jessie Kowalski has been evicted from the Big Brother 15 house.


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