Big Brother 15 Twist: Evicted HouseGuest Will Return!

8-7-2013-07-38-00-AMOn Big Brother tonight, host Julie Chen announced the latest twist for the 2013 season and it was a big one! After the live eviction and Head of Household Competition, Julie told viewers that one of the evicted Big Brother 15 cast members currently sequestered in the Jury House would be coming back into the game. So either Judd Daughtery, Candice Stewart, the player evicted tonight or the player evicted next week will have another opportunity to win a half million dollars.

We don’t want to spoil who was evicted on Big Brother tonight if you haven’t seen the episode yet but we can tell you that Julie actually sneakily hinted to them that there might be a chance they could re-enter the game. She told the evicted HouseGuest “goodbye… for now… there’s a lot of summer left” on Big Brother 2013! This isn’t the first time Julie has hinted a tiny bit at this twist and now it’s finally about to happen.

If you could pick from one of the evicted HouseGuests who are in the Jury, who would you want to come back into the game? We think Candice would cause quite the uproar but she’d be evicted again in a snap. Judd would be entertaining to watch and he might actually have a chance to work some kind of deal to last a week or two… or even longer. As for tonight’s HouseGuest, we’re betting they wouldn’t survive an even one eviction no matter who was in power. That leaves the fourth player who will be evicted next week… and we’ll just have to wait and see on that one.

Interesting twist… let’s hope it livens things up a bit as we head deeper into the second half of the season. No more boring evictions please!!!

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