Big Brother Spoilers: New Sunday Competition Sneak Peek!

We finally have Big Brother spoilers to share about the mysterious new competition replacing Battle of the Block this year. The first one of the season has already taken place, and CBS has released sneak peek photos and some details about how the new comp will affect the game. For those who want to know who was the first winner of the new competition, you can check out those spoilers here.

Big Brother 18 Episode 3 (19)

We learned before the Big Brother 18 premiere that Battle of the Block would not be coming back this season, much to the happiness of the majority of fans who just completely hated it. Instead, it was revealed there would be a new competition airing on Sunday nights (but actually happening on Fridays) that would have a major impact on the game.

From spoilers from the Big Brother Live Feeds, we were able to ferret out a few details about the new competition. First that it was an individual challenge, meaning that the other houseguests didn’t get to see each other compete. Second, that the winner was anonymous unless they told others they won. And third, that the winner got the power to secretly nominate a third person for eviction.

Now CBS Has released more specific info about the first challenge of the new competition, which will air on this Sunday’s episode. In the “Roadkill” challenge, the houseguests were apparently tasked with doing a quick clothing change inside a fake Big Brother RV in the backyard, while at the same time trying to hold down three separate buttons. If the player let go of a button, their time would speed up. The more buttons let go, the faster time would speed up. The person who was able to do their quick change without letting go of the buttons the best won.

Big Brother 18 Episode 3 (18)

After the competition, each houseguest was taken into the Diary Room and told they were either one of the losers, or the winner. The winner then had to name a third person to be nominated. (You can find out who won and who they nominated on our Big Brother 18 spoilers page.)

Although I’d personally just like to see us stick with the two nominees system, WITHOUT the Battle of the Block ever again in any way, this new competition is not too bad. It still keeps the spirit of the game intact, it just throws an extra bit of paranoia into the house with three people having to worry about being nominated. Also, because the person who nominates them is anonymous (unless they admit to it), this lets people do some sneaky, underhanded gameplay that they might not otherwise be able to. That’s actually kind of a fun addition to the game.

The first challenge of the new competition will air on this Sunday night’s episode. Meanwhile you can check out some more rather amusing sneak peek photos from the “Roadkill” comp below.

Big Brother 18 “Roadkill” Challenge Photo Gallery
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