Big Brother Spoilers: New Sunday Competition and Results

Since the Big Brother Live Feeds were turned on, we have been able to gather some information regarding the new competition that will air on the Sunday night episodes.  Keep in mind that not everything in this piece is official and we will have to wait for CBS to reveal all the details of the twist and it’s results on Sunday, but we have some ideas that line up with houseguest chatter.


WARNING: This post contains Big Brother spoilers from the Live Feeds that have not yet been shown on the CBS TV show. Please do not proceed if you do not want spoilers!

The new competition allows the winner to put a third nominee up for eviction.  Based on what we have gathered, the new nominee is likely Paul Abrahamian.  It seems many of the houseguests originally believed that Nicole Franzel won the competition, but the winner is supposed to remain anonymous unless they choose to reveal their win. This allows someone to target a houseguest without getting blood on their hands.  In addition, rumors can get spread about who won.

On Friday morning on the Live Feeds, it seems the rumor it was Nicole who won was proven untrue when veteran Frank Eudy appears to admit around 11 AM Big Brother Time that he was actually the winner and nominated Paul. According to our Live Feeds correspondent Tamara D.:

At 11:00 am Camera 3 Frank admits with Da’Vonne & James he won the comp. He was happy he told Corey about it because Corey was down and out. He also told Nicole, Tiffany and Paulie.

We do not have any insight as to what the competition may be exactly, but if I were to speculate, it would be a one person competition with some sort of a timed aspect.  For example, matching face parts or putting together a scene.  These are all done individually and timed and there would be no way for it to be revealed who won, unless, of course, they tell a fellow houseguest.

Big Brother Live Feeds 6-24-2016 7

This is an amazing power because you can target someone you want out (or who you want to play in the Power of Veto competition) without getting a target on your back.

Now, we are unsure how the POV competition pickings will work, since they won’t likely have eight people play.  If they stick with their normal six, then only two names will be drawn.  It is very possible that the original nominees will draw these names.  Per Nicole, from the Big Brother Live Feeds, it may be considered unfair if there was a houseguest’s choice chip considering only half of the players have the option to draw and choose.

We are all baffled as to why Nicole put up Paulie Calafiore for eviction originally anyway (despite her excuse of having a strong player on her side to prevent Jozea from winning the Power of Veto), when Paul probably should have went up instead, but maybe this will give “The Muscle” a better chance at surviving the eviction if Jozea should win Power of Veto.

Normally, each side of the house has a target and they try to get the numbers for the vote.  This will really throw off the number of votes you need to send someone packing.  It may also make the Head of Household tie-breaker choice more relevant.

The Power of Veto competition is expected to be played today, 6/24/2016. We’ll post the results of the competition on our Big Brother spoilers page as soon as they are out.

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