What Happened on Big Brother Last Night? 6/24/2016

Last night concluded the two night premiere of Big Brother 18. As houseguests begin to settle into the BB18 house, tension still fumes in the air as the Newbies VS. Vets vibe continues.

Big Brotehr 18 Episode 2 s11


On Wednesday night’s Big Brother 18 premiere, 12 new players entered the house as usual but when host Julie Chen announced several different twists would occur during the night, the houseguests soon learned that they were not alone.

One of the twists involved returning players joined the newbies for the BB18 season. The new houseguests instantly felt tension with returning players entering the game once again, feeling they they already had their chance.

On Thursday night’s episode, the battle continued as one houseguest from team “Freakazoids” would be leaving the Big Brother house. Da’vonne was a bit appalled when she learned Paulie is Cody Calafiore’s (BB16) brother. Da’Vonne had already been sure she KNEW Tiffany was Vanessa’s sister before Tiffany finally confessed to her.

Big Brotehr 18 Episode 2 3

Meanwhile, Paul was trying to get everyone on board with taking all the returning players out of the game first because he feels it is the newbies turn to shine and the returning players already had their opportunity. Most of the newly found houseguests agreed except one player, Corey.

Nicole talked to Corey about her becoming HOH if she were to win the dual HoH/Eviction competition. They both agreed that sometimes when you are HOH it often comes with getting blood on your hands and tons of drama. Nicole said she felt she is a good fit because she has been through this once before and is familiar on how to handle these types of things.

It finally came down to the much anticipated competition. All four “Freakazoid” team players had to battle it out against one another for their safety this week. The competition required each individual to take coconuts out of a palm tree while on an unbalanced table and place the coconuts in holes that spell out S.O.S. Once all the coconuts were in place the houseguests had to grab a flag on the other side of the titling platform while keeping all the coconuts in place. The houseguest who lost the battle would be the first evicted player of the summer, while the remaining three players would have to decide which one would be this week’s HOH.

Nicole was the first to get all the coconuts to stay in place and she quickly pulled the flag to keep her safety from going home. Paul was not happy about Nicole being the first to finish the competition because he wanted her out of the game period. Tiffany was the next player to be safe from the eviction, leaving Corey and Glenn to fight it out for their safety. Corey and Glenn pulled their flags at about the same time but by pictures, Corey seemed to have been the first to pull his flag with all of his coconuts still in place, which meant Glenn was the first evicted houseguest this season.

The three remaining “Freakazoids” then had to choose whom will be the first HOH of this season and they decide Nicole would be the best fit. Paul became a little angry with Corey not becoming HOH because he wanted Nicole out of the game next eviction and he felt his plan was not turning out the way he wanted it to.

Paulie decided to talk with James and Nicole since he feels he could play this game with them since his brother was on the show. Victor talked to Nicole about her game plan since she is now HOH and told her that Jozea was going after all the returning players.

Meanwhile, Da’vonne and Jozea talked about their game and where they stand. Jozea informed Da’vonne he is like the Messiah of the newbies and he plans to take the returning players out one by one starting with Nicole. Da’vonne told Nicole what Jozea said, which made Nicole’s picks for nominations a little easier. Nicole talked to Paulie about being a possible pawn against Jozea this week and that she promised she will make sure he is safe. Paulie felt a little uncomfortable about the idea but went with it. Nicole nominated Jozea and Paulie.


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