Big Brother Prediction: Who Will Win Final Head of Household?

Only one more Big Brother 18 Head of Household competition stands in the way of Nicole Franzel, James Huling, or Paul Abrahamian winning the season. According to Dr. Will Kirby, the Big Brother jury still seems conflicted on who should win Big Brother 2016. At the moment, it’s anyone’s game.

Big Brother 18 final 3

Paul won the first part of the final Big Brother Head of Household competition. Nicole won the second part. Live on Wednesday night, they face off to see who gets the finale Big Brother 18 Head of Household title. Then they must choose who to take with them.

History dictates that the final part of the Head of Household competition will be the usual guess what the jurors said competition. Players must guess between two answers. The player to guess the most answers correctly wins.

Since Big Brother 15, Big Brother amplified this round by having it done on a scales of justice platform (and titled “Scales of Just Us”). We expect Big Brother to continue with this setting.

Nicole and Paul have won a similar number of competitions. They also have shown the capability to win mental competitions. So they are about evenly matched going into the finals. This competition is a little unpredictable because sometimes it comes down to who can guess the best.

The only skill associated with this competition is how well you got to know your fellow houseguests. Nicole spent a lot of time with Corey Brooks, which hindered her from developing strong relationships with many of the other players.Paul, at least, made more of an effort to get to know as many players as possible.

During the final four head of Household competition, Nicole and Paul tied. That competition involved how much they paid attention to what their housemates said. So we can look at that competition as an indicator of how well Paul and Nicole might do in this one.

We expect the results of the final HOH competition to be close, with only one or two question separating the winner from the loser.

Paul has a slight advantage because he made a little more effort to get to know the jurors. He also has better  people perception skills.

We believe that Paul will win the final Head of Household competition, and take Nicole with him to the Big Brother 18 finals.

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