Big Brother 18 Spoilers: Who Won Final HoH Part Two? 9/21/2016

We have the Big Brother spoilers for who won Head of Household round two in the final challenge of season 18. Before the second final HoH phase kicked off, James Huling told fellow veteran Nicole Franzel he was going to throw it to her, while telling Paul Abrahamian the exact opposite and that he couldn’t wait to win it!

Big Brother 18 host Julie Chen (CBS)
Big Brother 18 host Julie Chen (CBS)

There was a lot of speculation both inside the Big Brother 18 house between Paul and Nicole, and outside among the fans, which houseguest James was actually lying to. Talking to the cameras on the Big Brother Live Feeds, James seemed very confident that he would end up in the Final Two no matter what. He seems to believe it is extremely unlikely Paul would take Nicole to the end, or that Nicole would take Paul. So if he really believed that to be true, there was no reason for him not to throw the competition.

However, we knew from watching the Live Feeds that James should have been a lot more worried about his possibly ‘guaranteed’ spot in the Final Two. There are very good reasons Nicole might prefer to sit in front of the Jury with Paul instead of James, and she’s talked about that. Heck, you could even argue some decent reasons Paul might prefer to go up against Nicole over James, and Paul will be thinking hard about those as well.

Regardless, we really hoped that James would man up and fight for the chance to face off in the last round of the final Head of Household Competition to determine who would get to choose which house guests end up in the Final Two.

Unfortunately, we did not get to watch the second phase of the final HoH on the Live Feeds, but when they returned from blackout, we learned the person who won is… Nicole! Which just makes wonder… Did she win, or did James give it to her?


Update: We aren’t sure if James actually did try to throw the competition to Nicole or not. However, James did very badly suck at the challenge starting out, so it’s hard to know. Nicole, on the other hand, did a great job and beat James by nearly 13 minutes.

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