Big Brother 15 Spoilers: Live Feeds Thursday Overnight Report — July 25, 2013

Based on the Big Brother 2013 spoilers from inside the house, our prediction for who goes home on Big Brother tonight during the live eviction seems to still be holding strong. Although there has been plenty of campaigning and deal-making happening on the Big Brother Live Feeds, it looks unlikely we are going to have a sudden house flip in the final hours before the vote.

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For anyone who has been watching the Live Feeds, the eviction this evening will likely come as no surprise. Fans who have only been tuning in to the CBS Big Brother 15 show might be more startled by who ends up going home based on how the shows have been edited since the last eviction.

As for the eviction nominee herself, she is very suspicious of what is going on in the house but as of now, she still seems to believe she is safe. We’ll see whether the other HouseGuests decide to tell her the truth so she can be prepared to get the boot, or if they’ll just blindside her like they did with Nick.

WARNING: The following report from the 2013 Big Brother Live Feeds contains information on game play, alliances, deals, competition results and other Big Brother spoilers not yet aired on the CBS network prime time show. You have received fair warning!

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Big Brother 15 Live Feeds Week 4 Thursday Overnight Report

12:00 AM BBT: McCrae and Amanda make out under a blanket in the Lounge. There is a lot of hip thrusting and lip smacking sounds going on.

12:50 AM BBT: Andy, Amanda and McCrae talk game. Andy thinks that Judd maybe made up the whole ‘Secret Alliance’ thing about Kaitlin, Spencer, Howard, GinaMarie and him working together to make the house target Kaitlin for eviction. He doesn’t want to ask though in case it makes him a target. Amanda tells him he should talk to Kaitlin and say someone told him it is true about the ‘Grasshopper’ alliance and that it might change his vote. Amanda thinks this might cause dissension and help take the target off her. Plus, Kaitlin might actually tell him the truth. Andy thinks it is risky. He doesn’t like that Judd is trying to make sure he doesn’t look like a bad guy by voting Kaitlin out.

7-25-2013 10-25-49 AM1:15 AM BBT: Candice reconfirms her intention to vote with the house to get Kaitlin out but she’d much rather be voting to evict Aaryn. Andy wants to know if she and Jessie think that the ‘Secret Alliance’ is real or not. Candice thinks it is BS. Everyone talks about voting with the house to get out Kaitlin.

1:30 AM BBT: Howard tells Judd he will vote with the house and Andy says he will too. Judd says they should vote however they want to vote, he doesn’t want anything to be blamed on him. He just puts up the nominations, he doesn’t vote. Judd says he is in a bad way because he lied to Kaitlin about being safe.

1:50 AM BBT: Going against everything she’s been saying about voting with Helen and the gang to get out Kaitlin, Elissa works Howard to vote against Aaryn instead. Elissa seriously hates Aaryn… but will she really vote against the house when it comes to crunch time? We’ll see. Howard says he will ask around the house on Thursday before the eviction and plans to vote with the house.

Up in the HoH room, sex talk sparks up again. Then more random stuff. Howard talks about having kids and Amanda jokes that Candice is right there with a ready womb. Then she crawls on top of Candice and says that if she had a d*ck, she would do all kinds of things to her. (Amanda likes talking about having a dick and shoving it inside of girls a LOT. Either she has some serious penis envy or she’s harboring lesbian tendencies, in our humble opinion.)

7-25-2013 10-27-46 AM2:45 AM BBT: Amanda, McCrae and buddies talking in the HoH room about the eviction. The plan still seems to be voting against Kaitlin. McCrae and Amanda especially want her out because they think she is after Amanda. Candice really wants Aaryn out but is willing to go with the house. McCrae promises Candice that Aaryn will be their next target.

3:05 AM BBT: Andy lies again to Kaitlin about the vote and says he, Helen and Elissa are all voting to keep her. She thinks that she also has Howard and Candice but wants to know how Spencer is voting. She thinks he is lying to her. Andy says he thinks it will be a 5 to 4 vote in her favor and he will know more tomorrow. It’s sad how much Kaitlin trusts Andy because he’s such a sneaky liar to her. (That is the game though.) Kaitlin tells GinaMarie that if she is going to go up every week, she would rather go home. She thinks that Elissa plays things too personally to vote against her because she hates Aaryn and wants her out.

GinaMarie walks by the Memory Wall and caresses Nick’s hair. The Head of Household room group are watching her and LOL’ing.

4:00 AM BBT: Judd, Spencer and Howard talk. Judd says they will tell GinaMarie she is safe and they will tell Kaitlin she is being evicted right before the actual show so she isn’t totally blindsided. Spencer tells Judd just to tell Kaitlin things aren’t looking so good for her, not to tell her for certain she is being evicted.

7-25-2013 10-30-03 AM4:30 AM BBT: McCrae tells Spencer that Howard is full of double talk and never says anything real. Spencer says Howard can be very loyal if they can just get him focused. McCrae tells Spencer he needs to make sure he doesn’t talk about Amanda and he tells them everything he hears if he wants them to keep him safe. Spencer says he will be totally loyal as long as they just don’t like to him. Amanda comes in and he wants to know about the ‘Secret Alliance’ that supposedly exists between him, Howard, Kaitlin, GinaMarie and Judd. Spencer says it is a lie. Spencer says he wouldn’t make an alliance with two people up for eviction and that he will put up GinaMarie next week to prove it doesn’t exist if he needs to. He says if he gets HoH, he won’t put up either of them for sure. Amanda says that if Howard or Candice win HoH and put them up, then all bets are off and they will never trust them again. Spencer says that is BS and he will push them to put the girls up if either of them wins.

5:40 AM BBT: Amanda and McCrae rehash their conversation with Spencer with Andy and Judd. Amanda asks Judd again about the secret Grasshoppers alliance and whether it was all a lie or not. Judd says that Spencer and Howard must not have thought the alliance was real. (He’s trying to cover all his bases here… since he leaked the alliance in the first place.) Amanda says that Spencer and Howard are trying to not look so tight so they don’t end up on the block together. Amanda has a plan for the next MVP. If Howard or Spencer win MVP, she thinks they should fake that Elissa won the MVP (and had it this week too) and threaten they will put up one of them if they don’t put up Aaryn and GinaMarie.

Big Brother 15 Live Feeds Week 4 Thursday Morning Report

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